We are pleased to present the third installment in the ‘Doas and Qasidas in translation series’: aalo Taha Manabi’ul Barakati. This Qasida is one of the thousands of verses composed by Syedna Taher Saifuddin in praise of the Imams but has a unique status. It is a qasida that embodies the main tenets of our belief and a superbly flowing and eloquent manner. A qasida that we teach our children. Surprisingly this iconic qasida was composed by Syedna Taher Saifuddin almost extemporaneously before the Eid-ul-Fitar Majlis. The qasida is presented with a commentary, English/Dawat-ni-zaban translation and audio.

This series focuses on the many qasidas and doas in Arabic that are recited by mumineen very regularly, some even daily. These qasidas and doas are priceless treasures that our hudaat, our guides have given us. It is our endeavor to make the substance and matter of these doas more accessible to mumineen by presenting them with translation and commentary. Our hope is that a better understanding of the meaning of the doas and qasidas would make the experience of reciting them all the more engaging and rewarding. The first installment of these series ‘wajjahtu wajhi’ doa was published two weeks ago.