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06 January 2023

Zahra Hasanaat Applications

Food | Niyaaz and Ration 

We believe no one must be worried that they cannot afford their next meal. Zahra Hasanaat aims to create food security especially in the areas its programs runs through cooked meal programs as well as ration and food baskets with daily staples such as rice, wheat flour, oil, salt, sugar, lentils, etc.

  1. Apply for (or help someone apply for) ration on ZahraHasanaat.org
  2. Partner with us in our meal program - on ZahraHasanaat.org

Medical | Taheri Health Initiative 

Emergency relief funds are available for families who are incurring extreme financial difficulty due to medical problems. The Taheri Health Insurance is a subsidized insurance program that provides up to 50% subsidy for those who are unable to afford premiums for coverage up to 5L INR. Appointments with the medical consultation team are also available for referrals and other advice such as financial planning and other resources available for longer-term illness

  1. Apply for medical grant - on ZahraHasanaat.org
  2. Request an appointment for health insurance counseling and/or subsidy - on ZahraHasanaat.org
  3. Find out more about free health camps - on ZahraHasanaat.org

Education | The Qutbi Jubilee Scholarship Program 

Zahra Hasanaat – The Qutbi Jubilee Scholarship Program (QJSP) will provide need based scholarship up to Rs 10,000 per year with no terms or conditions if the combined income of parents is less than Rs 20,000.

Students who can demonstrate outstanding merit, commitment to community service, or extreme and sudden financial hardship are considered for selection by the QJSP committee for school fees <Rs 10,000, secondary education fees of Rs 1 Lakh or greater, or foreign education scholarship of up to $10,000

  1. Apply for school tuition - on ZahraHasanaat.org
  2. Apply for higher education scholarship - on ZahraHasanaat.org
  3. Apply for foreign higher education scholarship - on ZahraHasanaat.org

Financial Advisory

Zahra Hasanaat’s financial advisory services can assist you in starting a business, finding a job or providing emergency financial aid. The goal of these programs is to support families tied over periods of financial disturbance and crisis, by assisting in sound financial planning, saving and investment strategies, starting a business, searching for additional capital and/ or partners, and in providing emergency aid. This program also caters to young professional looking for a foothold in their respective industries by helping find jobs and networking with industry professionals who can help with career guidance and placement.

  1. Apply for micro-grant or loan - on ZahraHasanaat.org
  2. Apply for job placement - on ZahraHasanaat.org

Interfaith – Taqreeb

Taqreeb is an Arabic word that literally means “to bring closer.” The concept of Taqreeb, as we define it, is the propagation of inter/intra faith and community understanding so that we may better unite for peaceful causes. In our attempt to understand each other’s ideologies, it does not mean that we must homogenize diverse groups or ignore differences. It does not mean “taking things lying down” or giving up your rights or culture. We believe there is nothing passive about Taqreeb. It is an active effort to understand differences and commonalities. To apply for a grant for a research project, to participate in the academic conference series or to nominate someone for the Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin Harmony Prize find the links below.

  1. Apply for research grant - on ZahraHasanaat.org
  2. Conference Proposal - on ZahraHasanaat.org
  3. Nominate for Syedna Qutbuddin Harmony Prize - on ZahraHasanaat.org

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