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Our Mawaali Tahereen have guided us to the manner in which we should do bandagi and pray Tahajjud as per the injunction in the Quran, "And for a part of the night, pray Tahajjud (keep vigil) therewith as a Nafilat (supererogatory devotion) for you. It may be that your Lord will raise you to a praiseworthy station" (Surat ul-Isra’: 79). In that vein this section is published as a guide to praying Bihori with accompanying text and audio and translation of Munajaat ‘ya zal-ma’aali and Nisful Layl Doas.


  • For section A and C – the audios presented on the website are shorter Doas so that mumineen can pray these salaams on a more regular basis even when time is short. Longer doas in the Bihori Hafti (part 1 and 2) can be prayed when time permits.
  • The Doas for Istiftah and Nisful Layl are presented with English translation (Dawat-ni-Zaban fehwa will also be updated soon inshallah).
  • A full PDF of the Bihori Hafti (PART 1) can also be downloaded here.
  • A list of all the Munajaats available, which Mumineen can pray during bihori, can be viewed here..

Section A: Before Nisful-Layl

While praying Bihori, especially in Layali Fazela and Lailatul Jumo’a, Mumineen should begin by praying the 5 Salaams in Section A :

Section B: Essential Namazes of Bihori – Istiftaah, Nisful Layl, Tahajjud, Wahshatul Quboor

The most essential parts of Bihori Namaz are sections B and D: Istiftaah, Nisful Layl, Tahajjud, Wahshatul Quboor and Shafa’-watar.

Section C: After tahajjud, before Shafa’ Watar

Mumineen are encouraged to pray either all or one or two of these salaams each night after Tahajjud but before Shafa’ Watar Namaz.

Section D: Essential Namazes: Shafa’ Watar

Shafa time is the time before Sihori and ends when Fajr time starts. If you are unable to pray Nisful Layl at that time but wake up a little earlier before Sihori time then you should pray all the namaz in the Bihori except Nisful Layl (you can pray Salaatul-Layl instead of Nisful Layl). If only a short time remains before Sihori time ends then you should pray Shafa Watar.

Section E: Sanaa’ – (Praise of Allah Ta’ala)

Every morning before Fajr namaaz, especially in Shehrullah, Sanaa’ is recited in our Masjids. Sanaa’ literally means “praise”, and in this case, it means praise of Allah Ta’ala.

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