07 May 2023

Misaaq (or ‘ahd) means covenant or promise; a promise that establishes a commitment between God and each Mumin. Bay’at or safaqat (literally hand-in-hand) is the final pledge and commitment by a Mumin to the Misaaq.

The Nass that was proclaimed by Rasulullah on Amirul Mumineen continued in the line of Imams in the progeny of Muhammad and Ali. And during Imam’s satar, that same Nass continues in the Du’aat by Imam Aamir’s appoint of the 1st Da’i – Syedna Zu’ayb at the hands of Maulatuna Hurratul Malika and each Dai’s appointment of his successor through the ilhaam of Imam-uz-zaman.


  • If you would like to give misaaq, please email info@fatemidawat.com or WhatsApp +91 786 786 5354 with your name and location and a member of the khidmatguzar team will be in touch with you shortly.

Online Misaaq

  • For those who do not have access to a local center, Syedna TUS has graciously granted raza for Misaaq through Zoom. Registration is required to participate in Misaaq on Zoom, email info@fatemidawat.com or WhatsApp +91 786786 5354
  • Mumineen should dress appropriately and note that they must stay on camera. Participants must also join with their full name.

Jadeed (New) Misaaq

  • Those who would like to give Misaaq for the first time are requested to contact info@fatemidawat.com with their request.

"What is the meaning of Misaaq, the Pledge of Allegiance? Why is it compulsory to give Misaaq to the Imam and Dai?" Majalis al Hikma | Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS - Is Misaaq a shackle of bondage and slavery - ‘ghulaami’? Does one have a choice whether to give Misaaq or not? The Quran Majeed speaks of Misaaq - the pledge of allegiance - in more than 70 verses. What is the meaning of Misaaq? What is the need for Misaaq?

Misaaq – A Covenant with Allah Ta’ala Misaaq is not a “new” custom but as old as the father of humanity, Adam Nabi AS, as the Quran Majeed affirms (Surat Taha: 115). Read more in this article by Shehzada Aziz Bhaisaheb

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