11 January 2023

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The Azaan is the Islamic call to prayer. Each day before farizat Namaaz we declare in the Azaan that, “there is no God but Allah Ta’ala, Mohammed is His Messenger and Maulana Ali SA is Allah’s waliyy.” The Azaan was revealed to Rasulullah SA during his Me’raj (spiritual ascension to the seven heavens on the eve of the 27th of Rajab). In one narration, Rasulullah SA was with Jibra’eel and another firishta appeared. This firishta appeared in the heavens for the first and last time in this instance. That firishta told Jibra’eel and Jibra’eel told Rasulullah SA, that the firishta says to recite the Azaan in such away. The firishta revealed this to Rasulullah according to Allah Ta’ala’s farmaan. This is the Azaan that Rasulullah SA continued to recite always.

Rasulullah SA also recited the Azaan and Iqaamat in the right and left year of Hasan Imam and Husain Imam SA when they were born, and so today we also recite the azaan in the ears of our newborns.

The spiritual effect and impact of Azaan is immense –it strengthens our faith, it causes the enemies to shudder, and the devil to flee.

We are pleased to present this week during the Mubarak month of Shehrullah an Azaan recitation in the Misri lehen by Mukasir-o-Da'watil Haqqil Mubeen Syedi Husain Bhaisaheb Burhanuddin AAB.

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