These section includes selections from the vast literary heritage of Da‘wat including Qasidas in the praise of Panjetan, Ai’mmat and Du’at, Marsiyas in the remembrance of Awliya’ and especially Imam Husian, and Salaams on our Hudaat. Munajaats in supplication to Allah Ta’ala are also available here. Most of the Arabic Qasidas include Dawat-ni-zaban fehwa and English translation. Also included in this section are a collection of qasidas by Syedna Qutbuddin.  Audios of many qasidas, marsiyas, salaams and munajaats have been uploaded also.  

Lailatul Qadar 1442H

Lailatul Qadar 1441H

Lailatul Qadar 1440H

Lailatul Qadar 1439H

Lailatul Qadar 1438H

Lailatul Qadar 1437H

Lailatul Qadar 1436H

Lailatul Qadar 1435H