1) Pray Maghrib, Isha namaz (also sunnat and nafelat).

2) Pray 14 -rakat Washeq Click here to view niyyat.

  • In each rakat pray Surat al-Hamd 14 times, Surat Qul huwa-allahu Ahad 14 times, Surat Qul-a’uzu birabbil falaq 14 times, Surat Qul a’uzu bi rabbin-naas 14 times, and pray Ayatul-Kursi once.

3) Pray Thum Washeq Doa. Click here to view doa and translation.

4) Pray Sajadawajhi doa. Click here to view doa.

5) On 15mi raat of Shabaan al Kareem (Saturday 27 March 2021), Al-Maula al-Ajal Mazoon ud Dawatil Gharra Syedi wa Maulai Abdeali Bhaisaheb Saifuddin AAB will deliver Wasila Mubaraka after Thumm Washeq at approximately 8.30pm India time insha'allah.

It is indeed an effort and a task to pray the 15th raat washeq. To stand straight and focus on ‘ibaadat for so long. The washeq is a manifestation of the effort required to stand firm in the walaayat and taa’at of Awliyaa’ullah and their Hudood. Distractions in this world are many; but what is most important is that we face the Masjid-e-Haraam, the Ka’ba with our bodies and the Imam with our soul – and stand firm in our commitment and belief of the Imam’s Dai. He is our path to the Imam. He is our path to salvation... The praying of the thum washeq without recognizing, believing and trusting the Hudood that its 14 rak’ats signify is indeed pointless. (read the full Sijill Article “THUMM WASHEQ- To stand firm as a pillar (thumm) in our commitment to this Dawat”).