Announcement and Amal Details

Aqa Husain SA Chehlum Program

In Mumbai, Shz. Dr. Husain bhaisaheb will lead Maghrib Isha Namaz and preside over Chehlum Majlis on Chehlum Raat (Monday 30 November) at Darus Sakina inshaallah. The Majlis will be broadcast live through this link and will be available for replay immediately after the completion of the waaz. In London, Shz. Dr. AbdeAli bhaisaheb will preside over Chehlum majlis of Imam Husain on 20th Safar (Monday 30th November 2015) at 7:00pm.  Click here for further announcement details.  All mumineen are urged to follow these amal details.  

Sijill Article

Ten Virtues of a Mumin – (5) Sincere Repentence 

Sincere repentance entails seeking Allah Ta’ala’s forgiveness with a recognition of the sin committed and an earnest commitment that it will not happen again. To repent and then to repeat the infraction is not right...As we approach Imam Husain’s chehlum we remember that on the eve of Ashura Imam Husain spent the night with his Ehle Bayt and Ashaab in ‘ibaadat and seeking forgiveness for mumineen. Click here to read the full article by Shz Dr Aziz Bhaisaheb.

Sijill - A Weekly Newsletter of

Issue 94 - 16 Safar 1437H

This is the ninety-fourth issue of the Sijill newsletter. This newsletter includes the latest news and instructions from Syedna Qutbuddin’s office. 

History Series

The Khutba of Maulatuna Zainab in the Court of Yazeed in Shaam 

Maulatuna Zainab delivered this heart rending khutba after Ahle Bayt were driven as prisoners from Karbala to Kufa and then Shaam, the Umayyad seat of power. The khutba was presented with translation and annotation by Shz. Dr. Tahera baisaheba at Columbia University, New York, in February 2013, it is published here.


Ay Karbala tu hi suna 

On the occasion of Imam Husain SA Chehlum we are presenting a marsiya written by Shz Dr. Bazat Tahera Baisaheba in Ashara this year titled “Ay Karbala tu hi bata”. The marsiya was recited in Syedna’s TUS Majlis. The text and audio of the Marsiya are presented on  Click here to read listen and view PDF.  


Darus Sakina

Many years ago, shortly after the wafaat of Syedna Taher Saifuddin Aqa RA, Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin TUS purchased a piece of green land at the outskirts of Thane near Mumbai. The payment for this land came from the monetary gifts (Shehrullah Silat inayat) that Syedna Taher Saifuddin had bestowed Syedna Qutbuddin and other savings. Click here to read the article by Shz Dr Husain Bhaisaheb and view the photograph. 


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