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Sijill Article 171

We all know that there is no “easy” or “quick” way to achieve a meaningful secular education as learning and studies require commitment.  It is only logical that motivation, conviction and time are also necessary for the attainment of knowledge of Aal-e-Mohammed. As we are conscious of finding the right school, the right college and the right mentor in secular education, finding the right source and mentor for the ‘ilm of Aal-e-Mohammed is crucial. When Rasulullah said “seek knowledge even as far away as China” he was stressing the importance of making a conscious effort for ‘ilm and seeking the right source for it. Click here to read the full article by Shehzada Dr Aziz Bhaisaheb Qutbuddin. Updated Site

home middle image is pleased to present its updated website that we  will help provide the children of Mumineen with an opportunity to learn about Deen and Dawat, Islam and Imaan. aims to provide a brief glimpse into this ‘ilm to inshallah encourage Mumineen, and especially their children to engage in this priceless and vast knowledge. This ‘ilm nourishes the soul (nafs) just as food nourishes the body. It is this ‘ilm that leads a Mumin towards hayaat tayyebah– a life of peace and contentment here and in the Hereafter. Insha’allah new material will be published and uploaded on a regular basis. Click here to view.

Shehrullah al-Mu’azzam 1438H

Announcement and Amal Details

Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS will lead Fajr, Zohor Asar and Maghrib Isha Namaaz in Darus Sakina, Thane every day in Shehrullah al-Mo’zzam inshaallah. Mumineen, Muminaat and their children are invited for Salawat and Iftar Jaman after Maghrib Isha Namaaz.  In these ten days, Mumineen are encouraged to follow the Amal Details.  It is vital according to our faith that Imamat namaaz is with the raza of the Imam’s Dai. If Imamat is not with raza then namaaz is not valid. Haqq na Dai Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS has granted raza for Imamat namaz in Shehrullah al-Mo’azzam in cities where Mumineen reside, click here to read further. 

Kaffarat 1438H

For rozas missed in 1437H

Kaffaarat for farizat rozas missed in last year’s Ramadan (due to illness, travel, or women’s missed days) is calculable per day at the equivalent rate of grain (i.e. Rs 20 per roza).  Please email latest by 28th Sha’baan and indicate how many days of missed roza for which you would like to give kaffaraat.  You will be responsible to later pay the corresponding amount along with your zakaat. Please indicate the kaffarat amount due in the appropriate section of the zakaat form.  It is necessary to let us know number of missed rozas ahead of time, so that we can appropriately plan to donate the specific amounts of grain each day as prescribed by Shari’at. 

For Women in Our Community “There is No Glass Ceiling”

Sijill Article 170

The 22nd of Shabaan is the Urus of Maulatuna Hurratul Malika Arwa binte Ahmad RA. She was an extraordinarily strong, intelligent and accomplished woman, a fact remarkable in a culture where women were not known for education or independence. Her political acumen and command earned her the name of ‘Bilqis al-Sughra’ (the younger Bilqis, queen of Sheba). Maulatuna Hurratul Malika’s example shines forth like a beacon. She achieved the highest ranks in Deen and Dunya. She set the benchmark, especially for Muminaat, for centuries to come. Click here to read the full article by Shehzada Dr Aziz Bhaisaheb Qutbuddin. 


The Man and the Fish 

Hikaayat (lit. stories) refers to the morals and fables that are presented in the books of Da’wat. Many of these hikaayat are presented in the Rasail of Ikhwanus Safa. Below is an excerpt from the hikayat, “The Man and the Fish” (translated by Dr Shatha Almutawa) presented with illustrations by Tahera Vajihi. This narrative is about a man who jumps into a raging river to catch a fish for dinner.  Click here to view.

A Wave Like Mountains Part 2: The Calm in the Eye of the Storm

Sijill Article 169

This article was written by Shehzada Dr Abdeali Bhaisaheb Saifuddin

The darkness of the night after Syedna Burhanuddin RA passed away lasted for many days - the sun of our lives, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin was no more....Syedna Qutbuddin had made the call of truth, guidance, principle, and of good future for the community; but the battle was yet to start. We did not know that what we were bracing for was probably the biggest storm that Dawat had faced for hundreds of years...Click here to read further and view photos


Ikhwanus Safa Article Series

ILM Paper 9 – Mustafeed: The Student

This week’s article is the ninth article in a 10-part-sequence of articles on ‘ilm. This article explains the fourteen traits a student should possess and strive for, and guidelines in his pursuit of knowledge outlined by the Ikhwan. These Rasail were composed by the ninth Imam, Imam Ahmad ul Mastur SA, at a time when religion was pitched against or in contradiction to the advances of science and the enlightenment of philosophy. This article series is written by Lu’lu’atu Da’watil Haqq Shehzadi Tayyeba Baisaheba.  Click here to read further.

Qutbi Jubilee Scholarship Program

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Following the Ayyam of the Syedna Qutbuddin’s RA Urus Mubarak and on the auspicious occasion of Ayyamul Barakatil Khuldiyya, QJSP is pleased to launch is updated website and revamped application process for 2017/2018, Application Deadline: May 31, 2017Visit for more details about the application process, the committee, donating, etc. 

  1. Click here for link to Primary School Application form
  2. Click here for link to Higher Education Application form


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