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Mab’as Waaz Bayaan Highlights, Video Excerpt & Photos 

Syedna Qutbuddin TUS presided the Mab’as waaz in Darus Sakina at 5pm. Mumineen gathered received the barakaat of the ‘ilm and knowledge of Aale Mohammed. We are pleased to present an 11 minute video excerpt from the bayaan. Click here to read further and view photos.

Sijill Article

Closer to our Creator

Our awliyaa’ are near to Allah Ta’ala, and because we are near to them, and because of our imaan and amal (beliefs and deeds), we attain closeness to Allah Ta’ala....Me’raj refers to Rasulullah’s ascension to the Heavens. It is our walaayat, and the deeds that accompany it, that ensure our ascension to higher plains of purity and spirituality in this world and the ascension to the Heavens in the Hereafter (Ma’arij al-su’ud).  Click here to read this Sijill article by Shz Dr Aziz Bhaisaheb.

Sijill - A Weekly Newsletter of

Issue 67 - 4 Shaban 1436H

This is the sixty-seventh issue of the Sijill newsletter. This newsletter includes the latest news and instructions from Syedna Qutbuddin’s office. 

News and Events

 Janaza Namaz led by Syedna of Taher bhai Matcheswala

Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin TUS led janaza namaaz of Taher bhai Matcheswala at Darus Sakina on 1st Shabaan. Syedna TUS also bestowed doa Mubarak for the marhoom for Rehmat, Shafaa’at of Panjetan, A’immat and Do’aat and for his family for Sabar. 

Hikayaat Series

The Confectioner

Hikaayat (lit. stories) refers to the morals and fables that are presented in the books of Da’wat. Many of these Hikaayat are presented in the Rasail of Ikhwanus Safa. The morals presented in these stories often highlight the transience of this world and the importance of the goodness of character. The Hikaayat about The Confectioner is presented in English on this week.  Click here to read the translation. 


New FAQ on Namaaz and Wuzu

We pray Namaaz today in the manner that it was prescribed by Rasulullah SA. The questions that arose for various circumstances or issues that the one offering prayer faced were answered by Rasulullah SA and by his successors the Imams and their Dai-s in time of seclusion. The FAQ’s for Namaaz have been divided into five primary categories: wuzu (ablution), sehew (unforced errors), Qasar Namaaz (during travel), illness and Imamat Namaaz.  Click here to view the questions and their answers.

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