Announcement and Amal Details

Dai-z-zaman Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin TUS Milad Mubarak

Syedna's Milad Mubarak program will be held in Bakersfield, California at 1pm inshaallah on 29 Rabiul Aakhar (Sunday, 7 February) after Zohor Asar Namaaz. Click here to read further details on Milad program in other cities including Mumbai, London, Singapore, Dubai, Boston. Click here for Amal Details and relay information.

Milad Madeh

Madeh on Occasion of Milad by Shzd. Dr. Bazat Saifiyah Baisaheba

On the occasion of Syedna Qutbuddin’s Milad we present an eloquent madeh written in shaan of Syedna TUS by Shehzadi Dr. Bazat Saifiyah baisaheba. The madeh is presented in PDF along with audio recording. Click here to view.

Sijill - A Weekly Newsletter of

Issue 104 - 27 Rabi al-Aakhar 1437H

This is the one hundreth and fourth issue of the Sijill newsletter. This newsletter includes the latest news and instructions from Syedna Qutbuddin’s office. 

Fatemi Madrasa

Jeem – Jabalur-Rahmat (The Mount of Mercy) – Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin

 Last year on the occasion of Milad of Aqa Maula Qutbuddin, the full and completed story version of Tuhfat Tahera was published so that Mumineen and their children may take barakaat and use it for learning Dawat ni zabaan. We present on the fifth story in Lisanud-dawat (with audio recording) and English translationClick here to view the read along Dawat ni Zaban story.  


Signs that Indicated the Shaan of 53rd Dai Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin

Many years ago Shaikh Mohsin bin Shaikh Hebatullah, a senior amil, wrote a letter to offer mubarakbadi to Qutbuddin Maula. In it he observed that the sum of the dates of all the three Milads – Imam-uz-Zaman on the 4th, Syedna Burhanuddin on the 20th, and Qutbuddin Maula on the 29th – totaled 53... Click here to read further and view photos.


Syedna Burhanuddin's RA 100th Milad Ziafat 

We are pleased to present in this issue a short video summary of the 100th Milad ziafat hosted by Syedna Qutbuddin TUS.  On the occasion of his 100th milad, Syedna Burhanuddin granted Syedna Qutbuddin the honour of hosting the only individual ziyafat in Saify Mahal...Click here to view the video and read further.


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