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Good Character and Values

This section features contains articles drawing on the guidance, khutbas (sermons), and sayings of our Saints and revered religious figures regarding the moral character we should strive to upload, the core values we should aim to uphold, and the vices that we should cleanse ourselves of.

Ten Virtues of a Mumin – (1) Zuhd

Ten Virtues of a Mumin – (1) Zuhd

01 November 2015

The first of the virtues in this world is zuhd (renouncing materialism – lit. asceticism).

“I hate for you to be Slanderers,” the Advice of Amirul Mumineen

20 March 2015

Our mawali Tahereen guide us to the right path and advise us as to how we should conduct ourselves. In the context of the Siffin battle between Amirul Mumineen Imam Ali SA and Mu’awiya bin Abi Sufyan, it is reported that Maulana Ali SA heard some of his followers slandering the people of Shaam,

‘Ilm & Adab/Khuluq' - Education & Good Mannerisms

31 January 2015

Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin TUS always emphasizes the importance of two things: 1- ‘ilm (education and knowledge) and 2- adab/khuluq – good mannerisms and character.

A Treasury of Virtues: Sayings, Sermons, and Teachings of Ali, with the One Hundred Proverbs, attributed to al-Jahiz

22 May 2014

A Treasury of Virtues is a collection by the Fatimid Shafi‘i judge al-Quda‘i (d. 454 H/1062 AD) of sayings, sermons, and teachings attributed to ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib

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