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Summary and Photos - 1st Waaz Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS

03 October 2016

On 2nd Moharram, Syedna Fakhruddin TUS delivered the 1st waaz for Ashara 1438H. We have presented here a brief glimpse of some of the priceless and countless pearls of wisdom imparted to Mumineen. Click here to view the full waaz broadcast. The summary has also been published in Dawat ni Zaban, click here to read.

Maulana began the bayaan and stated our belief in Imam-uz-Zaman AS, our conviction that he is present, in this age and emphasizing that today, on this day, on this earth, Imam-uz-Zaman is present. Maulana recounted the recent passing away of Syedna Qutbuddin RA and did shukr for the multitude of nemats he bestowed upon us, the prime one of maintaining us on the path of Haq, even in these turbulent times.

Maulana recited and expounded on the ayathe who does niyyat for the Hereafter (aakherat) and strives for it and he is a Mumin - they are the ones whose efforts Allah accepts and rewards (sa’ye mashkoor)” (Surat al-Isra’: 19). He explained that Akherat is known as “Hereafter”, one that is after this life, lasting forever. Death is inescapable as our Hudaat have repeatedly preached. Maulana also presented 3 chapters (fasal), starting with Panjetan and their sa’ye mashkoor, then the sa’ye mashkoor of A’immat Tahireen and Du’aat Mutlaqeen. Maulana gave many examples of how our Hudaat Kiraam themselves strived for Aakherat and in doing so guided Mumineen to strive for Aakherat.

In the zikar of Amirul Mumineen, Maulana explained that when Rasulullah informed Amirul Mumineen about his times he said, “you will be alone among lowly people, nobody will support you, friends will turn their back, they will refuse your call for jihad and they will murder you with their treachery, they will call you bad names, like they called me a magician and liar.”

Maulana continued with Panjetan zikr, recounting the sa’ye mashkoor of Maulatena Fatema AS, Imam Hasan AS and Imam Hussain AS. Maulana then continued with zikr of A’immat Tahireen, especially Imam Ali Zainul Abideen and Duat Mutlaqeen.

Maulana recounted a bayaan from Eisa Nabi AS, who advised the hawariyeen that if you need to leave dunya for deen, do so happily, just as people of this world would leave deen for dunya. Maulana stated that such are times, people are unwilling to give misaaq due to family or social matters, they say they will see when the path is clear. Maulana advised to not let deen go today, for the sake of worldly matters, since the latter is bound to perish one day.

Maulana ended with poignant remembrance of Imam Hussain’s AS shaadat. Maulana addressed Mumineen that by Allah Ta’ala’s witness, for each Mumin that sheds at least one drop of tear in the remembrance of Imam Hussain, he would araz to Imam-uz-Zaman to include this Mumin in His zumra (union).

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