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Aashura Night & Aashura Day

06 August 2022

Aashura Night

Mazoon-e-Dawat Syedi Abdeali Bhaisaheb Saifuddin AAB will preside over Aashura night majlis and deliver bayaan after Maghrib Isha Namaaz, insha'Allah - broadcast live on YouTube at 7:45pm India time.

Aashura Day

Mumineen should observe ‘laagan’ on Aashura day. Laagan is like roza in the sense that we refrain from all food and drink from dusk to dawn, but the niyyat is of laagan – that is refraining from food and drink in remembrance of the thirst and hunger of Imam Husain SA and his Ahle Bayt and Ashaab. In the afternoon children should be given a small snack so that they have strength for maatam.

Mumineen should observe all adab of Majlis as they do in Masjid and immerse themselves throughout the day in the remembrance and grieving of Imam Husain SA. The full day should be spent in remembrance and mourning, in any spare time Mumineen should pray Ya Sayyida al-Shuhadaa’i marsiya and Fulkul Husain and do tasbeeh of Imam Husain SA 128 times (as per the adad of Husain – just as Ali is 110).

Aashura Day Morning Waaz

Syedna TUS will deliver waaz mubarak at 10:30am India time insha'Allah - broadcast live on YouTube:

Aashura Day Zohr Asr Namaaz and Wasila

  • After zawaal, Mumineen should pray Zohr Faraz with Sunnat and Naafelat. After Zohr Naafelat Mumineen should pray Imam Husain Taqarrub namaaz and Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA, Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin RA Tawassul Namaaz followed by namaaz for doa for tulul umar of Dai al-Asr.

اصلي صلوة الصلوات على داعي الائمةِ الفاطميين سيدنا طاهرٍ سيفِ الدين وداعي الائمةِ الفاطميين سيدنا محمدٍ برهان الدين و داعي الائمةِ الفاطميين سيدنا خزيمة قطب الدين و التوسلِ بِهم الى اللهِ تعالى ركعتين لله

اصلي صلوة الصلوات والدعاء لداعي الائمة الفاطميين سيدنا طاهر فخر الدين والتوسل به الى الله تعالى ركعتين لله

  • Mukasir-e-Dawat Syedi Husain Bhaisaheb Burhanuddin AAB will deliver wasila after tawassul namaz, at 2:00pm India time, insha'Allah - broadcast live on YouTube.

Aashura Day Aqa Husain SA Maqtal Bayaan

  • Mumineen should pray the marsiya "Qatl Rehbar Hae Aaj Waawayla".
  • On Aashura day Syedna TUS will deliver maqtal bayaan at 4:00pm India time, insha'Allah - broadcast live on YouTube. Mumineen are invited for Iftar Niyaaz Jaman after Maghrib Isha Namaaz.
  • Mumineen Muminaat listening and attending the waaz digitally should do so observing the adab and etiquette it deserves - the same adab and etiquette they would observe if attending in person. This is a great ne'mat and Maulana has graciously granted raza for digital participation given the exceptional circumstances.

Maghrib Isha and Iftaar

  • After Maghrib Namaz Mumineen should pray ‘Ya Muhsinu qad jaa’akal musee’ doa and ‘allahumma ya mu’tias su’alaat’ doa before iftaar. Click here to view PDF.

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