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These are a collection of articles that have been published in newspapers and magazines (online and print) about the Bombay High Court Declaratory Suit and the Gujarat High Court case. They include issues about succession, framing of issues, etc. The articles are a mix of English and Gujarati. Press reports linked to from this site contain solely the opinions of the report authors/anchors, and the contents therein are not endorsed by the Office of Syedna Taher Fakhruddin Saheb.

Don't let trial in succession row divide Bohras

20 March 2015

"...Justice Gautam Patel expressed his apprehension about how passions can run high in the community..." - Times of India – Mumbai 19th March 2015 (pg.3)

Request Bohras to remain calm during trial: HC request to parties

20 March 2015

"What's next? On April 27 the court will record the cross examination...due to security concerns..." - DNA, Mumbai 19th March 2015 (pg.5)

Syedna succession row: HC seeks proof from half-brother

8 October 2014

"Syedna Qutbuddin will have to prove that he was conferred with Nass and that the pronouncement was valid: High Court" - Hindustan Times

HC frames issues in Dawoodi Bohra successor row

16 September 2014

"The Mumbai High Court to adjudicate whether Syedna qutbuddin can prove anointment." - Hindustan Times

High court frames questions in Syedna succession row

16 September 2014

"Justice Gautam Patel framed issues while hearing a suit filed by Syedna Qutbuddin" - DNA


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