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The Vizier of King Khaishuwan

11 April 2015


The Sijill article in the 61st issue refers to the belief of Ikhwanus Safa that the soul (nafs) survives after it leaves the body (jism). The body is a vessel through which the soul prepares for its salvation. In demonstrating that this belief is held by many noble people, and that this belief is the source of selfless kindness and sincere friendship, the Rasail of Ikhwanus Safa present the story of the vizier of King Khaishuwan. The vizier sacrifices himself to save the king and the people of the kingdom because of his belief that his body is a transient vessel, and because of his willingness to sacrifice himself for others. 

Introducing this Hikaayat, the Ikhwan start by stating: 

“Know my brother, that he who does not believe that he will be rewarded for his friendship and kindness to you after he leaves his body, he is surely not a true friend and not a sincere advisor. Do not be lured by one who helps you only for material gain – to protect his body or to provide benefit for it; those who seek an advantage in which there is a fear of one suffering and the other being saved, each one hopes that he will gain that advantage, so that he is the fortunate one and the other is aggrieved. That is certainly not the belief of the Brethren in helping one another; quite the contrary. The Brethren’s goodness and nobility of character is manifest in what is narrated about the vizier of king Khaishuwan.”

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