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We are Dawoodi Bohras Part 2

25 September 2014

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This article was written by Ra'sul Hududil Mayameen Janab Syedi Aziz Bhaisaheb Qutbuddin in 2014.

Our community today is defined by its history. We are identified as Dawoodi Bohras because we believe in the line of Dai-s since Syedna Zoeb bin Musa RA. We are ‘Dawoodi’ Bohras because our predecessors followed Syedna Dawood bin Qutubshah RA. We are Dawoodi Bohras because we believe in Syedna Dawood’s successors Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA as the 51st Dai and Syedna Burhanuddin RA as the 52nd Dai. We believe in them and in their righteousness because we believe in the chain of Dais before them. And in the past whenever a false claim to Daiship has been made, we believe that the predecessors of the 51st and 52nd Dai were the true Dais and those who opposed them were false. In two major schisms in the history of the Dawat, the Dai claimants of the Sulaymanis and Alawis, the Dawoodi Bohra community has sided with the Mazoon and his veracious word. (Syedna Dawood bin Qutubshah RA, the Mazoon of the 26th Dai who became the 27th Dai; Syedna Abdut-tayyib Zakiyyuddin RA, the Mazoon of the 28th Dai who became the 29th Dai). This is well known and accepted in the Dawoodi Bohra community and is reported in the Muntaza al-akhbar.

It is noteworthy that one of the two parties asserting to be the true Mansoos was the Mazoon of the predecessor, whose succession was being disputed. His word is the truthful one, and his known status as Mazoon emphasized the validity of himself and those who followed him, even when the majority had sided with the false claimant (such as in the case of the claimant with whom a big portion sided for a time, in opposition to Syedna Abdut-tayyib Zakiyuddin RA). We are Dawoodi Bohras today because our predecessors believed Syedna Dawood bin Qutubshah, the Mazoon of the 26th Dai Syedna Dawood bin Ajabshah. We are Dawoodi Bohras because we believed Syedna Abdut-Tayyib Zakiuddin, the Mazoon of the 28th Dai Syedna Sheikh-Adam Safiuddin. Syedna Taher Saifuddin and Syedna Burhanuddin were the successors of these Dais. We are Dawoodi Bohras because we follow Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin TUS the Mazoon of the 52nd Dai Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA. We hope and pray that those misguided will open their eyes, use their intellect, learn from history and return to the right path. That they will choose to remain Dawoodi Bohras!

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