The grief of Syedna Burhanuddin’s is wafaat ever present. How can one find sabar? When Mansur Imam SA passed away, Syedna Qadi al Nu’man RA, who was very close to the Imam, was not able to contain his grief. When Syedna Qadi al-Nu’man came to Mansur Imam’s successor, Moiz Imam, Imam Moiz SA spoke the proverbial words: ‘maulaka mada, wa maulaka baqi’ – ‘your maula has passed, and your maula remains’. When a Dai appoints his successor, he does not appoint except one who is like him in every way (la yuqimu illa mislahu). One who is like him in knowledge, sincerity, nobility, piety, taqwa, prayer, guidance, speech, and in every which way. Today Syedna Qutbuddin is in the same exalted position as his predecessor and like him in every way. There is no equal to the jewel whom Syedna Burhanuddin appointed as his Mazoon and Mansoos fifty years ago. Not even close.