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Syedna Hatim bin Ibrahim RA 3rd Dai al-Mutlaq

07 November 2014


On the occasion of the Urus Mubarak of Syedna Hatim Mohyuddin RA, we are pleased to present a brief history of this great Dai as part of our Biography and History Series.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Each and every mumin knows the name of Syedna Hatim; he/she may not know the names of other Dais, but he/she knows Syedna Hatim. Every mumin must have attended a Darees of Syedna Hatim, often called ‘Hatim ul-Khayraat’, and sought his vaseela especially for barakat in rozi. Syedna Hatim’s tomb in al-Hutayb (in the mountainous Haraz region of Yemen) is a passionately sought place of pilgrimage and is frequently visited by mumeneen today, from all over Yemen, from India, and from other places all over the world. Syedna Hatim had a long 39-year eventful and celebrated reign as Dai. For the people of Yemen and especially Haraz, their faith in the Tayyibi Dawat and the mohabbat of the Dai entrenched in their hearts is a legacy primarily of Syedna Hatim, whose presence is very much alive among them to this day.”

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