The contents of this article include: 1) Introduction: Knowledge and the Completion of the Soul; 2) God-Given ‘In-Built’ Characteristics which Facilitate the Realisation of the ‘Potential’ into the ‘Actual’; 3) Motivation & Drive Towards Longevity; 4) The Five Senses: al-Quwwah al-Hassasa; 5) The Intellect: al-Quwwah al-Aaqila; 6) The Two Kinds of Intellect: Instinctive and Acquired; 7) The Five Powers of the Intellect- Imagination, Thought, Memorization, Speech, Action/Creation; 8) Divine Inspiration and the Reception of Spiritual Communication from God (Qabul al-wahy wal-ilhaam); 9) Conclusion: “Strive to Complete”