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'Ilm 9 – Mustafeed: The Student

05 May 2017


The Ikhwan explain that the supreme purpose of this life is for the individual soul to rejoin its Divine Origin, and the process of unification and purification of the soul begins with Ma’refat and Walayat/Muhabbat (recognition and love) for the representative of the Divine in this world, the Imam uz Zamaan. After Ma’refat and Muhabbat (recognition and love) of the Imam and his Dai, for the further purification of the soul the following virtues are required:

  1. Acquisition of knowledge – ‘ilm
  2. Good actions in accordance with this knowledge – ‘amal
  3. Good character traits and virtues – akhlaaq.

This week’s article is the ninth article in a 10-part-sequence of articles on ‘ilm. This article explains the fourteen traits a student should possess and strive for, and guidelines in his pursuit of knowledge outlined by the Ikhwan. These are: 1) pure intention, 2) purity of soul and objective, 3) sound belief, 4) good character, 5) investigation, inquiry and curiosity, 6) seeking logical proofs, 7) revision and memorization, 8) recalling, reflecting and contemplation, 9) practice, 10) determination and hard work, 11) Help and Guidance from Allah Taala (Tawfeeq), 12) love of knowledge, 13) humility and 14) gratitude.

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