In this issue of Sijill we are pleased to present the second part in the series ‘From the Cradle to the Grave’. In this 16 minute video, Shz Taher Bhaisaheb addresses the meaning and purpose of the Shari’at of Islam, Shari’at Mohammadiyya. Through the sabaq he raises and answers pertinent questions: Why is it important to approach Shari’at using our intellect (and not just as a set of rituals)? Why is it that the Shari’at of Islam is valid today and not other divinely revealed religions? What is the meaning of Shari’at? What is the purpose of Shari’at? Why is violent retribution wrong and against the example of Rasulullah SA (reference to recent events in Paris)? What is a balanced life according to Shari’at?

Shz. Taher bhaisaheb introduces the concept of Shari’at as a holistic, flexible and accommodating way of life. By following the guidance of Shari’at even our daily acts such as cleaning our teeth, business, eating, spending time with our family and our spouse, becomes a harbinger of divine grace and barakat. Rasulullah teaches us ‘to do good to those who have wronged us’. It is wrong to ridicule Prophets and religions but resorting to violence is also wrong. Shz. Taher bhaisaheb gave the example of a woman in Mecca who threw rubbish on Rasulullah. One day when she was not present Rasulullah enquired about her, went to her, and asked her about her wellbeing. The woman was extremely touched by Rasulullah’s gesture. This is what Rasulullah has taught us. Those who are committing violence in the name of Islam are themselves damaging the good name and repute of Rasulullah. 

This introduction paves the way for a closer discussion of the various aspects and stages of life and the guidance and prescriptions of Shar’iat in each one of them.  Watch the video on 

Part 2 of the sabaq series is now available for viewing on and It is also available as a podcast on the iTunes and Google Play on the Mumineen audio channel.