Salaam to you Mawla Qutbuddin! Salaam to you, our refuge from perdition – Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS in praise of Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin RA

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These are a selection of articles that have been published in newspapers and magazines (online and print) about the Dawoodi Bohra community, especially the followers of Syedna Fakhruddin TUS. Media coverage is in English, Hindi, Gujarati and Urdu. Press reports linked to from this site contain solely the opinions of the report authors/anchors, and the contents therein are not endorsed by the Office of Syedna Taher Fakhruddin Saheb.

"Dawoodi Bohra centre helping women stitch up a new life"

14 November 2021

14 November 2021 - The Free Press Journal

"Interview with Dr. Tahera Qutbuddin"

20 October 2021

22nd August 2020 - Gujarat Pranam

"A first: Syedna's Muharram sermons all Live Streamed on YouTube"

27 August 2020

22nd August 2020 - Free Press Gujarat


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