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Syedna TUS Regular Sabaq in Mumbai – 14th Safar

14 December 2014

The second sabaq for Mumineen in Darus Sakina was held on 14th Safar 1436H.

Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin TUS began the bayaan by reciting Hamd from Syedna Taher Saifuddin’s RA risalat shareefa ‘’Ni’amu-s Sibghat-il Ilaahiyya”. Aqamaula explained that sibghat means color (or dye), and in this case the dye with which Allah Ta’ala colors mumineen. That dye or color results in immeasurable bounties and ne’mats. This dye or color, Maulana TUS added, was the fayz of ‘ilm that our Awliyaa’ received from Allah Ta’ala, with which they color mumineen. As the Qur’an Majeed states “the color (or dye) of Allah, and who colors (dyes) better than Allah” (Surat ul-Baqara: 138).

As others color people with various beliefs to fulfill their agendas (a negative aspect and use of the phrase), our Awliyaa’ color us with the Sibgha and fayz of Allah Ta’ala. Because they do so, our awliyaa’ – our Imams and in their seclusion our Dais - are the greatest bounty (ne’mah – pl. ne’am) that Allah Ta’ala has bestowed upon us. There is no one in this world that compares to them.

Syedna Qutbuddin TUS narrated how what he arazed to Syedna Burhanuddin RA when he received the sharaf and honor of hosting him at his residence in Cairo. This was in the early 1400’s (1980’s) and Syedna Burhanuddin’s residence in Cairo ‘al-Burhani’ was not yet built. Syedna Qutbuddin was visiting Cairo for ziarat and to visit his daughters who had just started their studies there. During the short visit to Cairo it so happened that a flat was shown to Syedna Qutbuddin on the way to the airport, close to the daughters’ university, which was very pleasant and walking distance to the university. Syedna Qutbuddin left for London, where Syedna Burhanuddin RA was at the time, and sought his raza to purchase the flat. Soon after, it was announced that Syedna Burhanuddin RA would be returning from London to Mumbai and would be stopping in Cairo for a week. Syedna Qutbuddin did araz that Syedna Burhanuddin RA bestow the sharaf and honor of his Utara at the newly purchased flat in Cairo. Syedna Burhanuddin RA graciously accepted.

The flat was decorated and prepared for Syedna Burhanuddin’s arrival in a very short time. When Syedna Burhanuddin RA arrived to the flat in Cairo, the government dignitaries accompanying him commented that this is a residence suitable for Syedna (baitun yaleequ bis-Sultaan – in most Arab countries Syedna is known as Sultan-ul-Bohra). After the government officials had left, Syedna Qutbuddin did araz to Syedna Burhanuddin after ta’zeem and qadambosi, that if a head of state or king were to visit this home – but no today my maula has graced this home, and so my joy has no bounds. (several photos of Syedna’s stay and ziafats at Syedna Qutbuddin’s home in Cairo are presented in the Nazaraat section on Fatemidawat.com).

Syedna Qutbuddin TUS bestowed priceless jewels from the khazana of the ‘ilm of aale Mohammed during sabaq and guidance for this world and the hereafter.

The next sabaq will be on 28th Safar (20th December) at 4pm at Darus Sakina, Inshaallah.

Mumineen must seek raza to attend sabaq at Darus Sakina and can do so by emailing info@fatemidawat.com or calling +91-22-2585-6076.

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