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Syedna TUS Regular Sabaq – 27th Rabiul Awwal 1436H

24 January 2015

Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin TUS delivered the fourth Sabaq for Mumineen at Darus Sakina on Saturday the 27th of Rabiul Awwal. In the Sabaq Syedna TUS showered pearls of wisdom on all the present and enriched their souls with spiritual sustenance.

Syedna TUS began the Sabaq with an explanation of Rasulullah’s SA Hadith in which he likened different hearts to different fruits. A heart with faith (imaan) but without knowledge (‘ilm) is like a date (tamr), for it had good taste but no fragrance. Second, a heart with neither knowledge nor faith is like a colocynth (hanzal- plant of the gourd family), for it has a bad taste and a foul smell. Third, a heart with knowledge but no faith is like a myrtle (aas), it exudes a fragrance but when you taste it, it is extremely bitter. Fourth, a heart with both knowledge and faith is a like citrus fruit (utrujjat), a fruit that is both fragrant and tasty. Syedna TUS explained the nuances and depth of this Hadith.

Syedna TUS continued bayaan he began in the earlier sabaq on the Tawil and signification of the namaz, particularly the five fareezat prayers.

Towards the end of the Sabaq Syedna TUS explained a saying by the fourth Imam, Imam Mohammed-ul-Baqir SA. On one occasion, Imam Mohammed-ul-Baqir addressed a gathering of his followers who had come to meet him. He told them that, “you have come here in my presence, and I urge you to convey my counsel to other mumineen when you meet them. First, I urge you to always maintain taqwa, a comprehensive term that denotes maintaining the fear of Allah, remembering that He is all knowing, and dedicating time to His ‘ibaadat. Second, those of you who are rich should take care of those who are poor and in difficulty. Third, those who are healthy should go and enquire about the health of those who are unwell. Fourth, those who are alive should attend the janaza of those who have passed away. They should visit and aid the family they have left behind in any way possible.” Syedna added that our society, mumineen’s society, should be such that we empathize with one another and care for each other. The Imam SA concluded, “if you practice what I have advised you to then you will give life to our cause” (hamara amar ne zinda karso). Baqir Imam SA then bestowed doa, “May Allah Ta’ala shower His rehmat on those who gives life our cause.” The Imam then advised them that you always to “good deeds” (amal saleh). Syedna added that it is vital to keep this in our mind, to have a mindset geared towards good deeds: praying namaz, Qur’an, living by Shri’at, good character. Baqir Imam SA then firmly said, “you will not enjoy/receive the virtues and blessings of our walaayat and mohabbat without piety and hard work/endeavor.” Syedna TUS added that, “in this age where people are very time conscious, I always say that the time you spend for the recitation of Qur’an, for namaz, for going to the Masjid and for good deeds, that is the best investment of your time.”

Mumineen present offered Shukur in Hazrat Imamiyya for the barakat of the ‘ilm of Aale Mohammed SA and for the energizing their hidayat and guidance. May Allah Ta’ala grant the longest life to Aqamaula TUS to continue to bestow us with this ne’mat and may He give us the tawfeeq and strength to live according to Syedna’s counsel.

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