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Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS Milad-e Dhahabi and Takht-e Nashini Celebrations

27 January 2017

On 26 Rabiul Akhar 1438H, Mumineen Mukhleseen in all parts of the world joyously celebrated the Milad-e Dhahabi and Takht-e Nashini of our beloved Dai-z-zaman Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS. The celebrations began on the eve of Aqa Maula’s Milad, 26th Rabiul Akhar 1438H, and continued through the next three days, culminating with the mubarak Milad of our beloved Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin Maula RA on 29 Rabiul Akhar, and the first night of the new month of Jumadal Ula. In this 5min video we have attempted to capture the palpable joyfulness on the occasion of Syedna Fakhruddin TUS Milad and Takht-Nashini. The video includes glimpses of the juloos, fireworks, the Milad Majlis – Quran tilawat, madeh, etc., wadhawanu program, three days of sabaqs, Mumineens’ ziafats, barbecue program, sports program.

The Police Band’s tunes filled the air, and smiles, laughter, friendship, happiness and most of all our love for Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS bound us all together. Our hearts brimming with happiness and our faces gleaming with love and joy, we forever gazed at our Beloved Father, so grateful to be a part of his family. 

Juloos & Milad Majlis
On the eve of Aqa Maula’s milad, 26 Rabiul Akhar, Syedna led Maghrib Isha Namaaz in the qudsani saya of Maulana Qutbuddin’s roza mubaraka, then performed ziarat. From ziarat, Maulana proceeded in shaahi Imami juloos to Ivan-e-Fatemi, led by a jubilant band and accompanied by spectacular fireworks (inshallah a short video clip of the juloos will be published next week).

Milad majlis and waaz were held in Ivan-e-Fatemi, where Mumineen had come from far and wide for Maulana’s deedaar. The waaz was also broadcast live worldwide for Mumineen across the globe. With Imami tayeed, Maulana delivered an impassioned and eloquent bayaan on the ayat sharifa of the Qur’an, “Allah has full power and control over his Dawat; but most among mankind know it not” (wallahu ghalibun ‘ala amrihi walakinna aksaran-nasi la ya’lamun - Surat Yusuf: 21). Maulana related the Fatemi philosophy that underpins this verse of the unbroken continuity (tasalsul) of the Imamate and Dai-ship, no matter what the apparent circumstances may be. He narrated the historical examples of several Prophets, Imams and Dais, who steered the ship of Dawat through the stormiest waters. Maulana also bestowed precious doa for all Mumineen. After waaz, Mumineen obtained sharaf of qadambosi and all partook of salawaat-nu-jaman. Click here to read highlights from the bayaan mubarak and view photos.

Wadhawanu Program on Milad Day
On Milad day, Muminaat behno were invited to Darus Sakina, where all obtained the great honor of wadhawanu rasam of Imam-uz-zamaan’s Dai, and qadambosi.

Inayat of Hadiyyat & Laqab to Syedna Qutbuddin’s RA Shehzadis
Maulana bestowed azeem sharaf of haddiyyat and laqab to Maulana Qutbuddin’s five shehzadis. All shehzadis have obtained barakat of Aal-e-Mohammed ‘ilm from the 52nd, 53rd and 54th Dais and reached the highest levels of learning. In recognition of that learning and their khidmat of Dawat, Syedna bestowed the sharaf of Hadiyyat to them. To Shehzadi Dr Bazat-Tahera Baisaheba Maulana granted the laqabYaqutatu da’watil haqq”, to Shehzadi Dr Bazat-Saifiyah Baisaheba Maulana granted the laqabZumurradatu da’watil haqq”, to Shehzadi Bazat-Tayyeba Baisaheba Maulana granted the laqabLu’lu’atu da’watil haqq”, to Shehzadi Fatema Baisaheba Maulana granted the laqabJumanatu da’watil haqq”, to Shehzadi Arwa Baisaheba Maulana granted the laqabMarjanatu da’watil haqq.

It is also noteworthy that Syedna Qutbuddin’s shehzadis have also excelled in secular education. Two of them hold PhD’s from world renowned universities. Shehzadi Dr Bazat-Tahera Baisaheba is a tenured Professor in University of Chicago, and received her PhD from Harvard University. She is the convener of Diarasat ‘Ulya and Taqreeb Committee. Shehzadi Dr Bazat-Saifiyah Baisaheba received her PhD from Oxford University in Islamic history, and BA in English Literature from the American Univesity in Cairo. She is convener of Ta’lim department and teaches seven weekly sabaq halqas (courses). Shehzadi Bazat-Tayyeba Baisaheba received her BA from London University and is author of Ikhwanus Safa series. She is also the convener of Zawaj Committee. Shehzadi Fatema Baisaheba received her BA from the American University in Cairo in psychology and is convener of Fatemi Madrasa and Fatemi Marsiya Party. Shehzadi Arwa Baisaheba is Hafiz-e-Quran, she is a Certified Counsellor from the institute of Human Technology Mumbai and is convener of Fatemi Madrasa.

Three Days of Sabaq (Philosophical Discourses)
That evening and for the next two evenings, Maulana led Maghrib Isha namaaz in Ivan-e-Fatemi, and imparted ilm-e-ladunni in sabaq to Mumineen who participate in regular halqas of shehzadas and shehzadis; a large number live in Mumbai or had come especially for the sabaq, and a large number partook via closed video broadcasting. See below or click here to read further about the three day sabaq program.

Festive Programs
Every day, Maulana also led Maghrib Isha Namaaz and Fajr Namaaz, and performed Syedna Qutbuddin’s ziarat. In the evenings, Mumineen had the joy and sharaf of hosting their beloved Maulana in ziafat of shukr; all sabaq attendees were invited and enjoyed the beautiful evenings under the lighted trees in Darus Sakina. On one of the nights all Mumineen enjoyed a barbecue while on another they enjoyed a “chaat program” with live catering counters.

After morning ziarat on 26 January, India’s Republic Day, Maulana presided over a flag hoisting ceremony on the Darus Sakina lawn. That day, Mumineen, Muminaat, and children participated in a full day sports program: a cricket match and a tug-of-war for Mumineen in the morning, followed by a trophy ceremony which Maulana presided over, and sports in the afternoon in a private enclosure for Muminaat. Young and old of our loving community participated and had great fun, as did shehzadas and shehzadis.

On 29 Rabiul Akhar, Maulana presided over darees and khushi-ni-majlis of Maulana Qutbuddin’s milad in Ivan-e-Fatemi, followed by Maghrib Isha Namaaz and pehli tarikh majlis for the new month of Jumadal Ula. The police band played joyously, and fireworks again lit up the sky.

May such happy miqaats come for countless years under Maulana Fakhruddin’s abawi saya. May Allah Taala grant our Ruhani Bawa longest life till qiyamat, and may He give us tawfeeq to do ta’at, shukr and sabr always, and to gain wisdom and peace through his celestial guidance.

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