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Syedna Fakhruddin TUS Waaz on Mab’as Day and Shehzada Yousuf Bhaisaheb’s Misaaq

28 April 2017

On 27th Rajab al-Asab ul-Akhir 1438H, Syedna Fakhruddin TUS delivered waaz mubarak on the auspicious occasion of Yawmul Mab’as. On this Mubarak day, Syedna also took the Misaaq of his beloved son Shehzada Yousuf Bhaisaheb. It was a happy coincidence that it was on the same day in the same place that Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin RA, two years ago, took the Misaaq of Syedna Fakhruddin’s Shehzada and Shehzadi, Shehzada Khuzaima Bhaisaheb and Shehzadi Aamenah Baisaheba. The Sijill team humbly offers tehniyat in Hazrat Imamiyyah on this joyous occasion. May such occasions of joy recur every month and every year. May Allah Ta’ala give Shehzada Yousuf Bhaisaheb a long life in Syedna’s khidmat.

This week we humbly attempt to present highlights and photos from waaz mubarak.

Syedna began by addressing Mumineen as those who hold mohabbat of Mohammed Rasulullah SA and his wasi Amirul Mumineen SA. Mohammed and Ali, meem and ain, “m’a” in Arabi itself means together. Mumineen hold mohabbat of Panjetan, Aimmat Tahereen, and Duat Mutlaqeen, who shine bright as the moon when the sun of Imamate has set in satr. Syedna recalled 51st Dai Taher Saifuddin Aqa RA, who did zikr of Rasulullah with shaan and composed numerous qasida and na’at. He recalled his successors, 52nd Dai Burhanuddin Aqa RA whose deedar we did and 53rd Dai Qutbuddin Aqa RA, who established Dawat and expounded the doctrine of nass. Syedna related a riwayat from Jafar us-Sadiq Imam and explained the immense noor Mumineen would receive on the day of Qiyamat, when they would do deedar of Rasulullah and Amirul Mumineen.

Syedna explained that it was on the day of Mab’as, on a Monday, that Jibra'il brought Islam to Rasulullah and then, Rasulullah arrived in the form of a natiq (lit. speaker). Rasulullah was brought up by his forefathers, first Abdul Mutallib and then Abu Talib. Rasulullah first invited Maulatuna Khadija to Islam, who was eagerly awaiting Rasullulah’s call and accepted instantly. Then on the next day, Tuesday, he approached Amirul Mumineen. Syedna Fakhruddin reflected on Maulana Ali’s respectfulness and character, as Maulana Ali asked Rasullulah first for time to answer as he intended to seek permission from his father. Rasullulah understood that Amirul Mumineen requested time to ask Abu Talib, and so then said “Yes, you may have time but do not speak of this matter to anyone.” When Rasullulah said this, Amirul Mumineen then accepted immediately. For eight years, Amirul Mumineen prayed beside Rasulullah and Maulatuna Khadija prayed behind them.

Syedna also explained the immense sawwab that is garnered by performing Moti-us-Sawalat rozu.

Syedna then related a bayaan from Syedna Moayyed Shirazi and Syedna Taher Saifuddin’s risala. Syedna explained the zahir tawjeeh (literal meaning) of the ayats from Surat Yaseen (ayat 13 - 16). Syedna then expounded on the taweel of the ayats, delivering an extremely detailed and unique bayaan on the a’ala maqam of Rasulullah, natiq and life-giving shams (sun) of Dawat and his wasi, Amirul Mumineen, qamr (moon) that takes inspiration from shams and whose balance is necessary for life. Both were created from the same noor, one part is called Mohammed and the other Ali.

Syedna also emphasized to Mumineen to prioritize deen over dunya, and to make the correct choice even during difficult times and to maintain such a perspective. Shehrullah will arrive soon, Mumineen should maintain rozu, pray namaaz & Qur’an and remain immersed in good deeds. Syedna prayed salawaat on Panjetan and Aimmat Tahereen. He did iltejaa to Imam-uz-Zaman, quoting Syedna Abdul Qadir Najmuddin’s qasida. Syedna prayed salawaat on Duat Mutlaqeen, remembering Bawajisaheb Syedna Qutbuddin dearly, as we remember him on every miqaat. Syedna did immense doa for Mumineen, for their hifazat and easing of difficulties. Syedna did doa for Nasr-e-Azeez and Fateh Mubeen, for the court case and so that soon, we may attend Rozat Tahera and perform ziarat of Taher Saifuddin Aqa and Mohammed Burhanuddin Aqa. Syedna ended the waaz on shahadat of Imam Husain, recounting the mitti (soil) Rasulullah gave to Umme Salama which turned red upon Husain Imam’s shahadat.

After waaz, Syedna took Misaaq of Mumineen, including the first Misaaq of his beloved son, Shezada Yousuf Bhaisaheb. Syedna explained that through Misaaq, those who fulfill their promise, Khuda Ta’ala takes their anfus (souls) and amwaal (belongings) and rewards them with Jannat in return. Syedna also recalled how Maulana Taher Saifuddin took Misaaq of Syedna Qutbuddin, foretelling of his shaan.

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