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Shz. Dr. Aziz bhaisaheb Visit to Kolkata

01 February 2015

Shz. Dr. Aziz bhaisaheb visited Kolkata this week to convey Syedna Qutbuddin’s TUS message of doa, himmat, and steadfastness to mumineen residing in the city and to communicate Syedna’s vision for a harmonious community with its foundation on love and respect. He added that Syedna TUS always stresses the importance of education, especially education of girls, and the importance of good character. He also conveyed to mumineen current social programs for mumineens’ upliftment, particularly the Qutbi Jubilee Scholarship Program for Higher Education. He emphasized the need for solidarity in challenging times so that all Dawoodi Bohras unite under the leadership and guidance of the Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin’s RA true successor, Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin TUS.

Shz. Aziz bhaisaheb also visited the historic and vibrant University of Calcutta where he was warmly received by the Pro Vice-Chancellor and Head of the Arabic and Persian Department. He also held a meeting with the faculty of the Arabic and Persian Department and discussed the importance of education, publications, and seminars in ensuring communal harmony and religious tolerance. He was also given a tour of the campus and the Central Library that houses books from the 16th century and is undertaking a substantial digitization program.

Shz. Aziz bhaisaheb’s visit and the causes that he promoted were reported by several newspapers including the Kolkata edition of the Hindustan Times and the Statesman. The articles are presented in the community section of the Media page of Fatemidawat.com.

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