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Shehrullah 1441H: Community Worship in Isolation

29 May 2020

Darus Sakina was lulled to sleep by the absence of Mumineen coming to participate in prayer. Every leaf was quiet. The Ivan-e-Fatemi had been empty for days. Instead of the usual influx of Mumineen coming to bow their heads together in prayer there was a deep stillness settled all around us.

As we faced challenges presented by the lockdown; we realised some difficulties more acutely in Shehrullah. Every year, in this most sacred holy month of Ramadaan the community comes together to worship God, pray namaaz, have iftar, honour the Layali Fazila, especially Lailatul Qadr. This year the community was not able to gather and worship. This absence of coming together in shared spaces was felt keenly by all Mumineen across the globe.

We faced this challenge of separation and isolation by uniting virtually every day to worship together in Sheruhallah. Syedi Mukasir Saab Dr. Husain bhaisaheb Burhanuddin AAB expressed this sentiment of unity and said in his speech in Lailatul Qadar that “niyyat si, dil si Maulana ni Hazrat ma chu (with our hearts we are all together with Maulana).

We honoured this most sacred holy month together. Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS bestowed many Mumineen with opportunity for online bethak to araz vajebaat. Maulana’s Majalis al Hikma bestowed heavenly wisdom on us every week and answered pertinent questions. Maulana’s wisdom and fortitude gave us grounding and hope in the midst of this challenge. Maulana took our hands and placed them in tawakkul upon Allah Ta’ala at all times, in difficulties and ease.

Mumineen and Muminaat participated in the daily dawr reciting Qur’an Majeed together. They were led by Syedi Mazoon Saab Dr. Abdeali Bhaisaheb Saifuddin AAB in Mumbai and many other virtual gatherings were organized in other time zones by local Jamaats and Mas’uls to pray Qur’an Majeed and discuss various topics.

We collected the precious gems of Syedi Mazoon Saab’s zikr every day. His electric address gave us the support and guidance we need in finding our way through the challenges we face. This “Daily Zikr” was a great solace. Mumineen felt like we were all together right at Darus Sakina, sitting in his holy presence, listening to his precious pearls of wisdom. One Mumin arazed, “Every day at 630pm our family would get ready, sit on our masalas, and eagerly wait for the start of Quran Majeed Dawr and Zikr.”

Maulana addressed all Mumineen on the 19th of Sherullah in the live relay of Maulana Ali Shahadat Waaz. Maulana said “mumineen jahan kahan hoi, akella hoi, me tamara saathe chu.” Mumineen, wherever, each and any of you may be, I am with you.” Maulana TUS also narrated the events of Amirul Mumineen’s SA final Shehrullah and his shahaadat. Despite the physical distance each and everyone one of us was with Maulana, listening to the bayan, receiving his doa and shedding tears as Maulana TUS recounted Amirul Mumineen’s words as he was struck with a sword, “Fuzto Warabil Ka’aba.”

On the most auspicious night of Lailatul Qadr, Mumineen were led by the Dai al Fatemi in ibadat at Bakersfield. “We tasted the pure fruits of ibadat and surrendered to Allah. With peace lighting our hearts, we honoured the most precious night under the guidance of Maulana”, said Aaisaheba. All Mumineen, in every place of the world, listened to a recording of Maulana’s wasila and were showered with countless barakaat.

In Darus Sakina, Syedi Mazoon Saab made the night come alive with ibadat, guiding us to surrender to Allah with all our being. Throughout the night, Syedi Mazoon Saab’s iltija in doa was continuously flowing and touched our hearts. We listened to Syedi Mukasir Saab’s doa and recitation of Maulana’s munajaat which venerated the Asma Allah al-Husna. Maulana wrote, “I supplicate you, O lord who has mercy on my flowing tears.” Syedi Mukasir Saab recalled the utmost honour of this night and urged us to pray with open hearts to Allah; to pray how Qutbuddin Aqa expressed in his first munajaat, “I call to you in prayer and munajaat, O Allah, lord of the worlds. The munajaat of Musa, praying to you in difficult times.”

On the auspicious day of Eid-ul-Fitr Syedna TUS presided over Eid Majlis in Bakersfield. His qasida in praise of A’immat Tahereen was published for all Mumineen to recite and take barakat. In Mumbai, Mumineen participated in online Eid Majlis where Syedna’s qasida was recited. Mumineen were also able to araz tehniyat and shukur to Syedi Mazoon Saab.

We, each Mumin and Mumina came together as a community to worship Allah Ta’ala even in the face of this challenging isolation. We wish farewell and come again soon to Sherullah with gratitude overflowing in our hearts.

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