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Me’raj Night Wasila (Rajab 27mi raat)

16 May 2015

On Lailatul Me’raj, Rajab 27mi raat (14th May, Thursday) Syedna Qutbuddin TUS led Maghrib Isha Namaaz and Washeq in Darus Sakina.

Following Washeq, Syedna TUS beseeched the wasila of Panjetan Paak, A’immat Tahereen and their Du’aat Mutlaqeen. Syedna TUS particularly beseeched the wasila of our Nabi Mohammed Rasulullah SA who on this night travelled in Ruhaniyyat from Masjid-e-Haram in Makka to Masjid-e-Aqsa in Baitul-Muqaddas (Jerusalem) and their led 1,24,000 Anbiya’ and Prophets in Imamat Namaz. Mohammed, Syedna said, was Sayyid-ul-Mursaleen and Imam-ul-Mursaleen. After Isra’ from Makka to Baitul Muqaddas, Rasulullah SA ascended the Seven Heavens and was honored with such closeness with Allah Ta’ala that no other Prophet had attained before.

The Imams who succeeded Rasulullah SA inherit his shaan of Me’raj. They are the awliya’ of Mumineen in this world and ascend to the Highest Heavens taking Mumineen with them. In the time of the Imam’s seclusion the Dai is the wasila for Mumineen towards the Imam.

Syedna TUS said that Allah Ta’ala had given us a good beginning (aaghaaz behtar kidu) on the walaayat of our Mawali Tahereen – that is, He created us in the human form with the ne’mat and blessings of walaayat. In this state, every single heartbeat elevates us in the path of ascension to the Heavens (ma’arijus-su’ud). Because of this ne’mat and walaayat our life is a pure life (hayat tayyeba) that is full of blessings and barakat.

Taking the wasila of Panjetan Paak, A’immat Tahereen and their Du’aat Mutlaqeen – especially the wasila of the 51st and 52nd Dai – Syedna beseeched doa for mumineen for barakat in their livelihoods and business, for the easing of their difficulties, for fulfillment of their wishes and for their safety and wellbeing.

Remembering the final sajda of Imam Husain SA Syedna TUS said:

We are fortunate that we have received the doa of Imam Husain’s sajda and the doa of his Dai Syedna Qutbuddin Shaheed in his last sajda. We have received both doa-s. With this doa we receive ne’mat in both worlds, dunya and aakherat.

Syedna also prayed:

May Allah Ta’ala safeguard the sanctity of the Haram of Dawat. And mumineen with mohabbat in their hearts also do doa for their Dai, the successor to the 52 Duaat, the 53rd Dai, Imamuz-zaman’s servant and Dai, May Allah Ta’ala give him the strength to perform Imam’s khidmat, to face the enemies of Dawat and grant him nasre aziz and fathe mubeen. In that are good tidings (bisharat) for mumineen.

These are glimpses of Syedna’s TUS heartfelt and sincere doa for mumineen on the auspicious night of Isra’ and Me’raj. May Allah Ta’ala give longest life to Aqamola TUS to continue to beseech doa for us and guide us to Siraate-Mustaqeem.

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