"An aspirin a day can keep the heart attack away."

“My child is too young to be depressed.”

“I don’t have a history of breast cancer so I don’t need a mammography” 

We hear so many pieces of health related advice every day, but how can we figure out what to believe?

Zahra Hasanaat Health, Community Conversations held the first “Pillars of Health | Prevention is Better than Cure'' online seminar.  Especially in the age of the internet where erroneous information is ubiquitous and pervasive, this seminar with an international panel of experts provided an excellent platform to answer critical preventative health questions.

Hosted by Dr.  Quresh Khairullah and Dr. Fehmida Chipty, a range of questions were asked and answered by doctors, Dr Ramlah Bensaheba Vahanvaty (Pediatrician, USA), Dr Ravikant Singh (IPublic Health Specialist, India), Dr Ilyas Colombowala (Cardiologist, USA). Topics such as  the importance of calculating the BMI (Body Mass Index) and also analysing one's own cholesterol levels were explained in accessible terms by our esteemed panellists to teach us how to evaluate our health through self-assessment of our body.

Dr. Ilyas explained  the use and misuse of aspirin and when and how one must consume it. A doctor from the USA, speaking on women's health, explained why women over the age of 40 should have a  mammogram done every 1-2 years to avoid the risk of breast cancer. Dr. Ravikant explained how and why tuberculosis is the second most prevalent and complicated disease in India after Covid-19.

Did you know that paediatrics is at the forefront in screening for depression? Dr. Ramlah bensab described the processes paediatricians use to assess behaviour and psychological health of children from birth to the age of 21. Topics like these and many others were discussed in this interactive session between experts and attendees.

To know more head on to our Facebook page and watch the video.  The next Community Conversations event will be hosted on Saturday 11th December 9 pm IST, titled Community Conversations | Livelihood series. To register fill the form here.