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Highlights and Photos of 2nd General Sabaq

16 June 2017

Upon request of Mumineen, Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS graciously delivered the second general sabaq on the 17th of Shehrullah (11th June 2017). Mumineen in Mumbai, as well as Mumineen around the world who regularly attend sabaq throughout the year, received the barakat of ‘ilm of Aal-e-Mohammed from its source. The following is a humble effort to give a few glimpses of the sabaq.

Syedna began the sabaq with hamd of Khuda Ta’ala. Then, Syedna explained the significance of the date on which the sabaq was taking place, the 17th. It was the 17th of Shabaan that Rasulullah SA fought the Battle of Badr after hijrat to Madina. In this battle, Rasulullah emerged victorious at the hands of his wasi, Ali Ibn Abi Talib. Syedna Fakhruddin narrated many zikr in shaan of Amirul Mumineen. In one zikr Maulana Ali was asked, “how do you pray to God when you cannot see God?” Maula Ali immediately replied, “I can see God in everything.” Syedna then explained various ayats from the Qur’an-e-Majeed about how mere mortals can “see” God and acknowledge the Oneness of the Creator by observing the greatness of His creation

Syedna explained and elaborated on each bayt of the munajaat of Maulana Ali, Yazal Maali Alaika Motamadi, which we pray in Bihori. This munajaat captures the conviction and love with which Amirul Mumineen converses with Allah Ta’ala.

Maulana Taher established the esteemed maqaam of our Mawaali Kiram and stressed upon the importance of accepting them with ma’refat.

Syedna explained that if you have any concern, difficulty, complain, you address them to men of the highest honor and nobility for if they can they will help you, and if they cannot help you then they will advise you, and if they cannot advise you then they will at least empathize with you.

Syedna explained the value of doa , especially the doa of Awliyaa’ Kiraam,through numerous anecdotes. One zikar was the riwayat about Ustaad Juzer who bought the doa bestowed by the Imam from a general who did not value it with the money Ustaad Juzer had. Ustad Juzer rose the highest ranks in Dawat with the blessings of the Imam’s doa.

Syedna ended the sabaq by explaining the aala maana of doa and zikr of Syedna Qutbuddin RA.

We offer shukr na sajaadaat for the priceless jewels of ‘ilm and doa Syedna bestowed onto Mumineen. May Allah Subhanahu grant a long and healthy life to our beloved Maulana Taher and, as Syedna Qutbuddin use to famously pray,” Khuda hamne bandagi ma zindagi guzarwani yaari aape.

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