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Eid-ul-Fitr 1442H - Syedna's & Syedi Mazoon Saheb's Countless Barakaat

19 May 2021

On the auspicious day of Eid ul Fitr, al-Dai al-Ajal al-Fatemi Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS led Fajr Namaaz and Eid Khutba in Darus Sakina, Bakersfield. Syedna TUS beseeched doa to Allah Ta’ala for all Mumineen in a heartrending wasila.

Later, Syedna TUS presided over the Eid ul Fitr khushi majlis. After sharbat and wadhawanu Mumineen recited Hilalun Bada qasida. Shehzada Yousuf Bhaisaheb delivered a heartfelt speech in which he remembered the ne’mat and barakaat that Mumineen garnered throughout Shehrullah al Mo’azzam, and arazed shukr. After the speech, the qasida mubaraka composed by Syedna Fakhruddin TUS in praise of A’immat Tahereen on the occasion of this Eid ul Fitr (published with Dawat ni zaban fehwa, English translation, and audio recording) was recited. Yaqutato Da’watil Haqq Shehzadi Dr Bazat Tahera Bensaheba’s madeh written for this occasion was also recited in the majlis. Finally, Mumineen received the sharaf of Syedna’s TUS qadambosi and arazed tehniyat and shukr.

In Mumbai and around the globe, Mumineen took part in Al-Maula al-Ajal Mazoon ud Dawatil Gharra Syedi wa Maulai Abdeali Bhaisaheb Saifuddin AAB wasila mubaraka. Mumineen were captivated by the zikr about the importance of Eid and doa in Syedi Mazoon Saheb's AAB wasila. Mumineen were blessed to spend the auspicious morning of Eid in prayer with him. After wasila mubaraka, Syedi Mazoon Saheb AAB presided over Eid Majlis and sharbat and wadhwanu rasam. Mumineen gathered virtually through Zoom for Eid Majlis from all over the world. Shehzada Dr Aziz Bhaisaheb recited few verses from his Eid qasida and explained the meaning of the Arabic verses in praise of our Dai-z-Zaman, Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS. In the Majlis, Mumineen arazed short speeches and poems expressing heartfelt sentiments and shukr to Syedi Mazoon Saheb AAB for his guidance and blessings throughout Shehrullah, especially Daily Zikr. After the public majlis, Mumineen had the opportunity to araz tehniyat to Syedi Mazoon Saheb AAB in online bethak and expressed their sincere gratitude.

May Allah Ta’ala grant longest life to Syedna TUS, his Mazoon AAB and Mukasir AAB and may Mumineen continue to garner barakaat under the saya of Maulana TUS one Ramadan after another.

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