On Eid-e-Ghadir Khumm day, Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS delivered an inspired waaz mubarakthat strengthened the conviction and identity of every Mumin fortunate to behold Imam-uz-Zaman’s Dai imparting priceless pearls of wisdom.  We attempt to offer a humble glimpse of the waaz mubarak here.

Syedna TUS began the waaz by reminding Mumineen of the many zikrs of bisharat for the Shi’a of Amirul Mumineen - “Shiato Aliyyinn Humul Fa’izun” (The Shi’a of Ali have are victorious). Syedna quoted Syedna al-Mu’ayyad and said that the Shi’a of Ali have no worries.  Syedna asserted that Rasullulah’s Shia are those who have mohabbat of Amirul Mumineen, and that our belief is that today – in this very moment, and on this very earth – there is an Imam-uz-zaman in the lineage of Rasulullah and Amirul Mumineen.  Syedna also explained that the names of the Du’at Mutlaqeen were also written in Kitabul-‘ilm by Amirul Mumineen.  Syedna offered gratitude that today we are among those who have mohabbat for Amirul Mumineen.  He declared, “Today is the day of love of Amirul Mumineen.”

Syedna explained that the day of Ghadir was on a Friday and narrated from Amirul Mumineen’s khutba in which he described the importance of this day of Nass and the unfortunate reality that most people chose not to remember Rasullulah’s actions of this day and declared in a lie.  

Syedna TUS narrated the events leading to the Nass of Ghadir and transported Mumineen to the day.

Syedna TUS explained the immense sawaab Mumineen gather from doing rozu on Ghadir Day – doing rozu for this one day is the equivalent of doing rozu for everyday of your life;  Mumineen garner the sawaab of 100 Hajj and 100 Umrah. By praying two raka’ats of shukrun lilllah namaaz, Mumineen garner the sawaab of 100,000 Hajj and 100,000 Umrah. Maulana also related the immense sawaab of hosting iftar on this day.

With the tay’eed of Imam-uz-zaman, Syedna Taher Fakhruddin then performed tawjih bayaan of the seven chapters of “La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil-aliyyil azeem”.  Mumineen were awe-inspired by the depth and breadth of Syedna’s bayaan and learned many wazifas for daily application in their life.

In the seventh chapter, Syedna TUS advised Mumineen to always do tasbih of “La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil-aliyyil azeem”, which as Rasulullah SA has said, is a ‘treasure from the treasures of Jannat’. Rasulullah SA has also said that the tasbih of “La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil-aliyyil azeem” is a cure from ninety-nine illnesses, the first of which is grief and depression (hamm ghamm). Syedna added that calamities are a norm in this world with problems at every corner. No one is safe. In this condition, our Mawali advise to keep faith in Allah Ta’ala and to always draw strength from the tasbih “La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil-aliyyil azeem”.  Click here to view this video excerpt from Syedna’s waaz.

Maulana ended the bayan praying the heart wrenching shahadat of Aqa Husain.

In the bayan, Maulana did immense doa for the Mumineen, to keep them in hifazat and amaan, protect them from the enemies.

Syedna TUS then began the Misaaq ibarat and took the First Misaaq of Shehzada Dr Abdeali Bhaisaheb Saifuddin’s eldest son, Hatim Bhaisaheb. Mumineen gave Misaaq to Imam-uz-zaman’s Dai with the knowledge that this Misaaq is a covenant with Allah Ta’ala and a commitment to His Awliya’.

After the Misaaq, Syedna proceeded to namaaz and led Mumineen in shukrun lillah namaaz and prayed wasila mubaraka that moved every Mumin to pray with conviction to Allah Ta’ala, knowing that his/her doa would surely be heard because she/he had the such powerful wasilas of Aimmat Tahereen and Du’at Mutlaqeen and the doa of Dai-z-zamaan.