Khali dawat ni zaban ma waat karo, thoru bhi English nathi allowed,” children start to laugh, “Whoops, angrezi ma waat karvanu nathi….allowed” *facepalm* continues the teacher with a smile during the online game “Among Us.” 

An intensive 7 day Dawat ni Zaban Madrasa Camp was organised through a virtual platform to accommodate students internationally. The program was split into two sections, two hours each. Under the guidance of Lu’lu’atu Da’watil Haqq Shehzadi Bazat Tayyebbah Baisaheba, the Dawat ni Zaban camp was led by Batul Bai Haji and advanced madrasa student volunteers from the “Fakhri Group.”

Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA always urged Mumineen to speak Dawat ni Zaban at home so that their children knew the language and could engage better within our community. This madrasa camp hoped to encourage these values by facilitating our children's comfort with Dawat ni Zaban. 

The camp’s curriculum was based on stories from “Tuhfat Tahera,” and comprehensively covered all aspects of language including reading, writing, communicating and listening. Additionally the camp aimed to strengthen the children’s understanding and familiarity with Al-Mohammad nu ilm and feeling of community. 

Children started their day of camp with a formal training of reading and writing with Batul Bai Haji.  After which they participated in an interactive session of language based games. Teachers were delighted with the enthusiasm and active participation of all children. 

Future madrasa enrollment opportunities will be announced soon insha’allah.