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Ayyamul Beez Wasila Highlights & Photos

10 May 2015

According to the irshaad of Imam Ja’far-us-Sadiq SA, Syedna Qutbuddin TUS performed the roza of Ayyamul Beez, 13th, 14th and 15th of Rajab. On 15th Rajab Syedna TUS prayed Salatuz-zawal and Das Surat (recited in Syedna TUS hazrat by Shz. Dr. Abeali bhaisaheb, Hafizul Quran Shz. Dr. Husain bhaisaheb, Hafizul Quran Shz. Dr. Aziz bhaisaheb and Hafizul Quran Qutub-Khan bhaisaheb son of Shzd Tayyeba baisaheba –Syedna recited from wal-Asr to the end) and recited Sadaqallah Doa.

Following Sadaqalla doa Syedna Qutbuddin TUS beseeched doa with the waseela of all the mala’ikat,the hamalatul ‘arsh, the7 Natiqs, their awsiya’, all the anbiya’, their kutub, a’immat and a’immat of whom we took wasila in the Sadaqalla doa taught by Imam Ja’far-us-Sadiq SA.

Syedna TUS narrated the zikar of Umm Dawood (mother of Dawood), whose son had been imprisoned by the Abbasid caliph. When Umm Dawood went in the Hazrat of Imam Ja’far-us-Sadiq SA, he advised her to do amal we do on the auspicious days of Ayyamul Beez. Very soon after, Umm Dawood saw Rasulullah SA in her dream with all the anbiya’and malai’kat whose wasila she had taken in the Sadaqalla doa. They told her that she had called upon them and they had come to give her aid, to ask forgiveness for her sins, to become her wasila to Allah Ta’ala and to give her the good tidings of her son’s Dawood’s return. A short while after that, Dawood returned to his mother. The following are excerpts from the wasila:

Our wasila is never in vain. Our voice reaches them. They intercede (shafaa’at) on our behalf Allah’s presence. That is why Allah Ta’ala says “O those who believe, fear Allah (keep taqwa) and beseech wasila to him” - the condition is that we keep Allah’s taqwa and take his wasila. The hurmat of these wasilas is great, because of them our doa is heard”…

This is the Dawat of Satar, Imam-uz-zaman is in seclusion. It is a time of difficulty. But the Imam’s Dai is present on behalf of the Imam. Just as Rasullah said (to Umm Dawood) in the dream, the Imam conveys this message through his Dai: mumineen, remain steadfast in the Dawat, answer the call of the Imam’s Dawat, remain attached to the Imam’s Dai, and you will attain salvation and escape from this world….

In this auspicious hour, we are praying, remembering our mawali…we pray for you to seize those who are perpetrating a fitnat in Dawat…”Innallaha ‘ala kulli shay’in qadeer”(Allah Ta’ala has power over all things), let not anyone think that how will this happen. Bawajisaheb Syedna Taher Saifuddin once called his Ghulam Khuzaima Qutbuddin and while bestowing him with a ne’mat prayed this ayat “Innallaha ala kulli shay’in qadeer”. Whatever Allah Ta’ala wills He will do, Allah Ta’ala’s way will prevail “wallahu ghalibun ala amrihi wa lakinna aksaran-naase la ya’lamun”. This ayat also Syedna Taher Saifuddin recited to me. Most people do not know, or do not understand, or are in doubt...Those who Allah Ta’ala has given tawfeeq and guidance, those whom he has given the wealth of imaanthose who have given Misaq to Imam’s Dai Khuzaima Qutbuddin, today in this auspicious day, keeping Allah Ta’ala as my witness, I say you will achieve salvation, fawze-azeem is for you, Jannat is for you, this is the Truth. Imam-uz-zaman’s aid is ever-flowing. The case has also begun in court…I feel the nazaraat of my maula the Imam...I answered in court. I spoke the Truth. May Allah Ta’ala sacrifice my soul for my moula Imam-uz-zaman. His nazaraat are flowing and because that our hearts and minds are at peace, our life is peaceful, our houses are full of ne’mat, our business and livelihoods are full of barakat. I pray mumineen, may Allah Ta’ala grant you abundant barakat. Barakat in your life here in dunya and in aakherat. And those who were on the path of Imaan but have been confused or misguided by this fitnat, I pray for them, you were with us –Amirul Mumineen prayed and instructed those who were with him in the time of war, pray that those who are not with us also return to Ali’s Dawat –I advise you to also pray that may Allah Ta’ala grant tawfeeq to give misaq to Imam-uz-zaman’s rightful Dai, so that they may achieve happiness here and in the hereafter…may Allah Ta’ala by the wasila of Syedna Dawood bin Qutub (by whose name we are known as Dawoodi Borhas)…by the wasila Umm Dawood (Maulatuna Hurratul Malika in once sense), the Dawoodi Dais, the Tayyibi Dais, the Fatemi Dais…may Allah Ta’ala maintain the unity and oneness of the Dawoodi Bohra Community. For those who remain adamant in fitnat, I beseech the prayer of Nuh nabi SA “rabbi la tazar alal-ardi minal kaffireen dayyara”.

I beseech the wasila of Mawali Tahereen and especially the 51st and the 52nd Dai…both the 51st and 52nd Dai are our “waliyyun ne’mat”(we have receive ne’mat at their hands). We beseech in Imam’s hazrat that both these Dais have showered us with many ihsaans and favors, may both these Dai’s receive “afzalul jaza’”(the best of rewards).

Syedna TUS ended the wasila by narrating the shahaadat of Imam Husain and beseeching doa for the fulfillment of mumineen’s wishes.

May Allah Ta’ala hear Syedna’s TUS prayers for Dawat and for mumineen and may Allah Ta’ala grant him longest life to continue to guide us and beseech doa for us.

Photos of the event are presented on Fatemidawat.com

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