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1st Mas’ul Conference – 21/22 Jumadal Ukhra 1440H

22 March 2019

With the raza and doa Mubarak to Syedna Taher Fakhruddin (TUS), a worldwide conference of Mas’uls was organized in Darus Sakina, Thane on 21st and 22nd of Jumadal-Ukhra 1440H (26 & 27 February 2019) by the Mas’ul Coordination Committee. The event was organized in the auspicious ayyam of the 3rd urus Mubarak of Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin RA.

Titled ‘Challenges and Opportunities: Exploring Strategies for Mas’uls to advance the Mission of Da’wat’, the objective of this conference was to develop a coordinated strategy among the global Mas’ul corps to draw Mumineen closer to Da’wat. In attendance were 40+ Mas’uls and several khidmat-guzars of various Da’wat committees that had gathered from towns/cities across India, UAE, Singapore, HongKong, the UK, Canada, and the US for two full days of discussions and deliberations.

Syedna Taher Fakhruddin inaugurated the event and graced it with his presence and noorani kalemaat, via an insightful bayaan calling Mas’uls to action. In his bayaan, Maulana reminded Ma’suls of their oath (ahd) to Da’wat and the immense weight of responsibility that this entails. All will be asked about their promise to Allah Ta’ala (Surat al Ahzaab, 15mi ayat). Maulana TUS clarified and expounded on the roles and responsibilities that a Ma’sul carries with him all the time - as the representative of Maulana TUS in his/her hometown. Finally, Moulana TUS explained the meaning of the word “Ma’sul” and that it derives its root from the word su’waal (to question); but ultimately means “responsibility” for the khidmat of serving Da’wat. All Mas’uls and khidmatguzars in attendance were mesmerized by Maualna’s bayaan and awed by his deep concern for their well-being– made evident by his presence and his words of nasihat and advice.

Over the next two days, several workshops, lectures, discussions and breakout sessions were held, which leveraged the collective experience of all gathered Mas’uls and khidmatguzars. During these discussions, several important topics regarding spreading the mission of Da’wat were discussed in detail, including spreading Maulana’s message and the welfare of Mumineen.

Members from various Da’wat committees also discussed their role in propagating Da’wat and supporting the vision of Moulana tus. Committees including communications, Raj committee, Financial Advisory (Qarzan Hasana and Muwasaat) and QJSP.

Each individual Mas’ul also presented a detailed “situation report” of his/her own town, and the successes and challenges that s/he faces there. This proved to be very insightful as the Mas’uls group learned about successful approaches that work in other parts of the world, and can be easily replicated in their own city/town.

Aside from the core topic, this conference also served as a valuable opportunity for the global corps of Ma’suls to bond with each other and come closer as a group especially during informal moments, such as the off-site picnic lunch held at nearby Upvan Lake

The conference ended on Mubarak night of urus of Syedna Qutbuddin RA, and Mas’uls walked away from it thoroughly enriched and impressed. A long-list of action items was developed during the conference, customized for each geography and individual town situation. This provided all Mas’uls and khidmatguzars with a specific task-list to accomplish over the next several months.

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