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Covid-19 Assistance

01 June 2020

Syedna Fakhruddin TUS is concerned for the wellbeing of all Mumineen, especially those who are struggling to meet their day to day needs because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Syedna TUS has directed all community welfare organizations, volunteers, and Mumineen in general, to help those who need assistance in any way possible. The Financial Advisory and Online Communications Teams ensure every application is addressed from start to finish with 24-48 hours. Khidmat guzaars work around the clock to process hundreds of aid requests. Additionally local teams in Darus Sakina are preparing hundreds of hot meals each day for local law enforcement on long overtime duty, women rickshaw drivers, MSEB workers, and other local areas.

Those requiring support and assistance during this time of need, can contact the dedicated Fatemi Dawat Help Desk through ncovresponse@fatemidawat.com or by WhatsApp +91 8828227864.

Syedna TUS advises all Mumineen to pray Doa al-Joshan, perform tasbeeh of "hasbonallaho wa ne'mal wakeel", "wa hifzan zaalika taqdirul-Azizil-Aleem", and recite Nas Falaq surats regularly.

Those who wish to contribute towards this effort in this time can do so by clicking here (or the PayPal button): A monthly ration budget of 2000 Rs for a family of four includes 7kg Atta; 6kg Rice, 2L Oil; 1kg Ghee; 1/2Kg Tea; 1Kg Sugar; 6kg Daal, Soap; 5L Milk, 1Kg Laundry Detergent. Also we are preparing and distributing hot meals for law enforcement officers who are on long overtime duty.

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