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Community Conversations | Livelihood series

09 December 2021

What do seaweed and logging have in common?

Zahra Hasanaat Financial Advisory and the Fatemi Dawat Mas’ul Coordination Committee is excited to announce a webinar, “Livelihood series” This will be a live interactive session, the third in the Community Conversations Series and will focus on unique business experiences from two of our members with pictures and videos. If you are curious about business opportunities or eager to start your own venture, you may find some interesting takeaways in this discussion. We intend to create a resource center for community members to avail of when facing questions, needing support or seeking advice for jobs, education, careers, businesses, trade and other livelihood related matters.

Speakers: Presenting their current business

  • Abizer bhai Khairullah on Seaweed Processing for Food, USA and
  • Ali bhai on Lumber Business

Panelists: Available to answer any audience questions

  • Shaikh Muslim bhai Tyebjee: consultant and industry pioneer in Medical Device Development Technology, USA
  • Mulla Mohammed bhai Khorakiwala: focusing on Automation Software and Business Operations, Mumbai, India.
  • Mustafa Ali bhai: Manufacturer of PVC Mats, Mumbai, India.
  • Tameem bhai Ebrahim: an expert in Investments and Financial Services, Cloud Computing Singapore.

Date: 11th December 2021.

Time: 9:00 PM India Time

To register fill this form. Join via Zoom or Facebook Live.

Questions for registration:

If you would like to share a unique business or professional experience, please let us know. Time permitting, we may choose a few members from the audience to share for a couple of minutes. Some sample questions:

  • How does one go from an idea to starting a business?
  • What are some of the factors in deciding between a business and a career or job?
  • What is your decision making secret?

Next Talk: January 8, 2022.

Social and Humanities Section: Laughter, the Best Medicine – Jokes and we will ask all of you to participate

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