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Community Conversations | International Identities - Education and Career

09 September 2022

Join via Zoom or watch on Facebook Live.

  • Date: Sunday, 11th September 2022
  • Time: 9pm India time

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" We’ve all asked this question to the next generation following in our footsteps. Now, we have some answers. In this Community Conversation, we will introduce some of our community’s youngsters as they compare and contrast the educational and career pathways that will insha'Allah help them become future leaders in their respective fields. They’ll share what influenced their career ambitions, as well as how they overcame the challenges associated with pursuing higher education in their respective countries. We hope that their lessons can guide the next generation of children, so they too can answer, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

This Community Conversations will be the first in our “International Identities” series, which highlights the diversity, passion, and accomplishments of our community.”

Panelists: Mustafa bhai Rangwala, Khuzaima bhai Rangwalla

Speakers: Taha bhaisaheb Vahanvaty - Washington DC ; Khuzaima bhai Rangwalla - Los Angeles; Tahera ben Vajihi - Tokyo, Japan; Khuzema bhai Khairullah - San Francisco; Aliasger bhai Khorakiwala - Vancouver; Mustafa bhai Lokhandwala - Mumbai; Zahra ben Rangwalla - Los Angeles; Sakina ben Bhaigora - Thane.

Please register to join and/or participate in this informative and enlightening hour of community conversations. To register or ask a question related to these topics, please fill out the registration form here.

We look forward to seeing you!

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