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Ashara Mubaraka 1443H Programme Details

27 July 2021

It is the unique and auspicious tradition of our Hudaat that we begin each year with zikr and noha of Imam Husain SA. And by the virtue of Imam Husain’s remembrance we receive the barakaat of ‘ilm of Aal-e-Mohammed SA in the ten days of Ashara Mubaraka.

In 1443H, Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS will deliver Ashara Mubaraka waaz in Bakersfield, California, insha'allah. Waaz Mubarak will be broadcast live at 9am India time and will be available for replay. Mumineen are advised to observe the same majlis adab as they would when attending in person.

The first waaz till the eighth waaz will be broadcast starting 2nd Muharram at 9am India time. For Ashara Mubaraka 1443H Waaz links, visit YouTube.

It is indeed a great ne’mat to receive these barakaat from the Dai of Imam-uz-zamaan. It strengthens and rejuvenates our spirits for the upcoming year and increases our darajaat in Aakherat. Email info@fatemidawat.com for any Ashara related queries.

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