The Quran Majeed is the book of Allah Ta’ala. A book that was revealed to Allah’s Messenger Rasulullah SA. We believe it contains absolute Truth. Why do we believe so? It has been 1400 years since the Quran was revealed. The Quran’s reciter Mohammed Rasulullah SA has long since passed away. We have not heard him recite the Quran. Rather someone told us that this is so. Why do we believe in the Quran? Even if we were contemporaries of Rasulullah, on what basis would we believe that his words were the words of Allah?

If we recognize the Quran as the book of Allah, then the meaning of its verses is most important. What is the use of reciting the Quran when you don’t understand its message? Muslim scholars interpret the Quran in many different ways. How can we recognize the correct meaning and interpretation?

We also believe the Quran to be the greatest miracle of Rasulullah. Why do we say that? And if the miracle of the Quran is in its eloquence, then how would the miracle of the Quran be apparent to those who do not speak the Arabic language? Where is the miracle?

The Quran relates that Rasulullah addresses Allah and says, “Oh my lord, my people regard this Quran as something to be abandoned”. We cannot see this happening literally. Then what is the meaning of this verse?

Syedna TUS answers these questions in this Majlis, the 57th in the Majalis al Hikma series.