The Quran Majeed instructs Muslims (Surat al Nisa: 59),“If you disagree in a matter, then take it to Allah and His Messenger to resolve.” Disagreements have not stopped since the time of Rasullulah SA. If there is no successor to the Messenger, then this ayat has no meaning today. Even a small shop-owner is concerned about who will run his shop after him. Was Rasulullah not concerned who will lead after him?

In the 9th Majlis, Syedna asserted that in every age a divine guide must be present to lead to salvation. In this 10th Majlis, Syedna answers this question: Who is that divine guide? How do you recognize him? What is his mark? There are many religions and faiths, each has a different leader that their people follow, but who is the lord of truth?