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Philosophy and Vision

The aim of Fatemi Madrasa is to inculcate good values by providing an opportunity to learn about Deen and Dawat, Islam and Imaan. Our goal is to make the children understand the aqeeda (philosophy) of Dawat ul Haq in its true sense and thereby strengthen their faith in it. It is through inquiry and asking questions that a deeper understanding of this ‘ilm is attained. Maulana Ali (SA) says that, ‘a good question is half the knowledge gained’. It is of utmost importance that children assimilate the teachings of Islam through understanding and reason. 

Ayat, Hadith, Kalaam

We believe that the words and meanings of the Ayat, Hadith and Kalam embody eternal wisdoms that can guide our life with the light of truth. We urge all mumineen and their children to partake of the barakaat and wisdom in these words by reading and contemplating on their meanings. We encourage all who read it to strive to imbibe the hidayat within these ayat hadith kalaam and apply it to their own particular contexts in their daily lives in order to add meaning and quality to their way of living.

Multi-media, E-learning Modules

These include modules that aid in the learning of basics such as wuzu, namaaz, wazeefa etc. The modules will include audio and video elements as well as translations and commentary on the Arabic doas to help children understand the religious practices they are learning.

Qasidas, Marsiyas, Nasihats

These include an explanation, prepared especially for children, of frequently recited qasidas, marsiyas and nasihats. 

Riwayat and Dawat ni Zaban

This section includes riwayats that help in reading and comprehension of Dawat-ni-zaban and simultaneously introduce religious concepts and values.

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