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Zahra Hasanaat Medical Camp | Ashara Mubaraka 1444H

31 July 2022

Zahra Hasanaat is pleased to announce a Pro-Active Health Medical camp with the objective of providing holistic preventive health care and guidance. The camp is open to all, regardless of caste and creed and will be operational in Mazaar-e-Qutbi Social Welfare Center every day from Sunday - Friday 3:30 - 5:30 pm. We hope Mumineen and their children and all Ibadullah can benefit from this initiative of empowering us towards leading healthier lives.

Expert doctors

Dr. Ramlah bensaheba Vahanvaty (USA) - MD. FAAP. General Pediatrician- treats all children from birth till college.

Dr. Quresh Khairullah (USA) - Md FACP, Nephrology. Interest in all aspects of dialysis including home dialysis, kidney diseases, hypertension kidney transplant, and kidney stones.

Dr. Humaeel Abbas Ali (UK) - MBBS, MS(Obgyn), DNB(Obgyn), MRCOG. Currently working as a Clinical Fellow at Homerton University Hospital, London

Dr. Prajakta Kutarekar-Gavhale (India) - BDS from Mumbai, practicing Dentistry at Tru Smile.

A. Preventive medical checks

  1. Blood Pressure and Body Mass Index (BMI) check for all
  2. Secondary investigative blood test at subsidized rates of Rs. 550/- only, if high Blood Pressure or BMI, as needed (may include: glycosylated hemoglobin, creatinine, complete blood count, liver function test, fasting lipid profile, electrolytes). Additional subsidy available upon request for those who cannot afford.
  3. Dietary advice will also be provided for various illnesses
  4. Free Dental checkup

Venue - Zahra Hasanaat Welfare Center, next to Mazaar e Qutbi Complex

Date & Time - 31st July 2022 - 5th August; 3:30 - 5:30 pm everyday.

B. Informative sessions on best preventive medical practices

  1. Hypertension and Diabetes (Dr. Quresh) - 30th July 2022, Saturday
  2. Preventive Health in Children (Dr. Ramlah) - 31st July 2022, Sunday
  3. Women’s preventive health (Dr. Humaeel) - 5th August 2022, Friday
  4. Tayyibi Medical Insurance scheme (Shabbir bhai Haidermota) - 5th August, Friday

Venue - Faiz e Qutbi, Mawaid.

For more information, WhatsApp CHAT to +917867865354 or email us at info@fatemidawat.com

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