Aqa Maula TUS’ Milad Mubarak is a joyous occasion that we as a community look forward to celebrating with our Dai in his noorani hazrat. This year, with the pandemic, we have learnt adaptivity in ways we never thought before and under Maulana’s saya mubarak and with his divine guidance we have stayed connected as a community. The ne’mat received from Hazrat Imamiyah Nooraniyah has been unceasing: be it the Pearls of Wisdom showered upon us through the weekly Majalis al Hikma, live broadcasts of Ashara Mubaraka Waaz Mubarak, or through online bethaks, the list goes on.

In keeping with tradition and our enthusiasm and longing to celebrate together as a community Mumineen from all over the world have shared their feelings and experiences with Aqa Maula TUS. The community has truly come together in this compilation of photos, memories and poetry to araz to our beloved Bawa Shafeeq on his 55th Milad Mubarak with the hope that we will all soon be in his hazrat again.

We are sharing a short video presentation featuring some excerpts from articles shared by mumineen.

May Allah Ta’ala grant Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS a long and healthy life until the day of qiyamat and bless him with nasre aziz and fathe mubeen.

In Maulana’s khidmat always,

His Mumineen, and Mumenaat