This year, on the day of Aashura, after doing the tasbeeh of the names of the 21 Imams and 52 Dais as per the tradition of Da’wat, Syedna QutbuddinTUS took the Qur’an Majeed in his hand and declared:

"The successor of the 51st Dai and 52nd Dai is amongst you, and on this day of Aashura, keeping Allah Ta’ala as my witness, keeping Imam HusainSA as my witness, and keeping Imam-uz-zamanSA as my witness, with the Qur’an Majeed in my hand – the Qur’an from which mybawajisaheb has prayed, that is with me, keeping that Qur’an in hand I declare to you that the 53rd Dai – the servant of Imam-uz-zaman – is Khuzaima Qutbuddin. The Nass of all the Dais, the Nass of the 51st Dai and the Nass of the 52nd Dai, has reached me, the 53rd Dai. The 51st Dai conferred Nass and the 52nd Dai conferred Nass on me. Today, I am the servant of Imam-uz-zaman, but you are the children of Da’wat and so today I am your father. Your father is concerned for his children day and night. He prays for his children day and night. May Allah Ta’ala keep you all safe and prosperous. May He keep you fulfilled and content in the Da’wat of Imam-uz-zaman. In these days of Imam HusainSA may He fill your arms and fulfill your wishes. And may Allah Ta’ala sacrifice my soul a thousand times for my Maula Imam-uz-zaman.“My soul is sacrifice for the Mawla of all men – in his remembrance my soul passes each day and night”…bismillah-ir-rahmaan-ir-rahim –lahu Da’watul Haqq, lahu Da’watul Haqq, lahu Da’watul Haqq, lahu Da’watul Haqq." 

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