Syedna Qutbuddin TUS presided the Mab’as waaz in Darus Sakina at 5pm. Mumineen gathered received the barakaat of the ‘ilm and knowledge of Aale Mohammed. We are pleased to present an 11 minute video excerpt from the bayaan.

Syedna TUS explained the depth of meaning in Rasulullah’s SA name, “Mohammed”.  Literally, the name means, “one who is always praised.” Rasulullah’s SA virtues were such that he was always praised. In the Qur’an Majeed Allah Ta’ala praises Rasulullah SA as, “one who has a great character” (innaka la’ala khuluqin azeem – Surat al-Qalam:4).  When Rasulullah SA established Islam, he drew people close to him by his good nature and character. Syedna then explained the meaning and reference of each of the letters of Rasulullah’s SA name. The name Mohammed contains the secrets of the entirety of Rasulullah’s SA era. Click here to read further about Syedna’s waaz Mubarak and view photos