On 29th Rabiul Akhar, the days of Syedna’s Milad, Aqa Maula TUS delivered waaz Mubarak in which he showered mumineen with the barakaat of ‘ilm of Aale Mohammed. Highlights and photos of the Bayaan were published in Sijill 54. 

During the Bayaan, Syedna also beseeched doa to Allah Ta’ala for himself and for all mumineen. The video excerpt of that heartfelt doa (2 min) is presented on Fatemidawat.com. 

Syedna prayed:

“Do tasbeeh of Imam Husain’s name 128 times, take his wasila and beseech doa, and in that doa remember your Dai also. May Allah Ta’ala give me the strength to perform Imam-uz-zaman’s khidmant, to work for the betterment (khair-khuwahi) of mumineen, and to help alleviate mumineen’s troubles. May Allah Ta’ala keep every mumin in wellness and prosperity; may they always be very happy; may their problems get resolved; may they excel in their businesses; may their children excel in their education; may their wish for marriage get fulfilled, may their wish for children get fulfilled. May Allah Ta’ala open wide the doors of their sustenance; may they continue to excel. And I tell every mumin and every mumina: always serve the Da’wat, do whatever you can, with your efforts and with your contributions. The service (khidmat) of Da’wat is a great joy.”

May Allah Ta’ala grant us the strength to perform the khidmat of Da’wat and may Maulana’s TUS doas be answered for all of us. May Allah Ta’ala grant Syedna TUS longest life till qiyamat in the khidmat of Imam-uz-zaman and may He keep Syedna’s benevolent shade upon us always.