Lailatul Qadar is a night that is more auspicious than a thousand months. The night of Maulatuna Fatema SA.  The night that is "greater than a thousand months," as expressed by the Qur’an Majeed. Given this, we must cherish and utilize each and every moment in this night for ibaadat - that should be the sole focus from Maghrib until sunrise the following morning. Ibaadat encompasses namaaz, doa, wasila, munajaat, praying Quran-e-Majeed and tasbeeh.

Syedna Fakhruddin TUS has graciously granted raza mubarak for Lailatul Qadr wasila mubarak to be broadcast.

Munajaat Fehwa Bayaan

The Munajaat and fehwa bayaan will be broadcast from Darus Sakina Mumbai at approximately 215am IST (duration will be about 30 minutes).  If the broadcast timing is after your local Fajr time, then Mumineen should pray Syedna Fakhruddin's 1439H Munajaat on their own before Fajr and listen to the Munajaat bayaan broadcast as soon as possible thereafter.