In this introduction video, Shehzada Husain Bhaisaheb explains the motivation behind the Qur’an series and what it endeavors to accomplish. First, he emphasizes and explains the fundamental importance of the Qur’an Majeed.  He then quotes Quranic ayats that demonstrate the Qur’an Majeed’s all encompassing nature and its critical role in every day and age for guidance.  Shehzada Husain Bhaisaheb explains that ayats in the Qur’an have a zaahir (literal meaning) and a taawil (hidden meaning), but that often, it is only the taawil meaning that is meant. The literal meaning in such ayats is not applicable as it does not – upon a close examination – provide a rationally understandable interpretation. Such ayats serve as irrefutable indicators towards the existence of deeper hidden meaning in the Qur’an viz. taawil, and emphasize the need for an interpreter in each day and age who is the true inheritor of the knowledge of the Qur’an from Rasulullah SA viz. the Imam and Dai.

Shehzada Husain Bhaisaheb points out that in each chapter of this series, he will put forward one example from such ayats where the literal meaning is not meant, and only the taawil is to be taken as the true interpretation.