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“Bilisaani-qawmihi” - The Language of His People

23 September 2017

Every Messenger “spoke the tongue of his people.” The purpose, as the Quran Majeed expresses, is so that they can explain, clarify and communicate to the people with clear bayaan (liyubayyina lahum). Rasulullah SA, our Nabi, spoke Arabic, the language of the people of Makkah al-Mukarramah and the Arabian Peninsula. He encapsulated and expressed the revelation (wahy) he received with the garb of the Arabic language – ‘lisanin Arabiyyin Mubeen’ (Surat al-Shura: 195). The high status of Arabic as the language of the Quran Majeed and the language of ‘ilm was forever established. The deeper meanings of the Quran Majeed and the essence and tawil of the Shari’at continued to be expressed and composed in Arabic by Rasulullah’s SA, Amirul Mumineen SA, A’immat Tahereen and their Du’aat Mutlaqeen. The 51st Dai, 1400 years after Rasulullah SA, based in India, composed over 40 Risalats and over 10,000 verses of poetry (qasidas & munajaats)in Arabic.


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