In this special 100th issue, we present an eBook of this hadith which during Ashara Mubaraka, Syedna Qutbuddin TUS narrated and explained. In the previous ten Sijill Articles we highlighted and explained each of the ten virtues of a Mumin in this world, and in this 100th Sijill we highlighted the ten virtues of the Hereafter. Syedna introduced the Hadith saying that this is a bishaarat for the Shi’a of Amirul Mumineen SA. He added that in one sense, those with true valaayat would necessarily have these virtues. If for some reason one with valaayat does not possess these virtues, then upon hearing this bayaan he/she should make a firm commitment to acquire them.

Rasulullah SA said, “he who is given the gift (rizq, rozi) of the valaayat of Ali has attained the goodness of this world and the Hereafter, and I do not doubt that he will enter Jannat.” Ali’s love and valaayatentail twenty virtues: 10 in this World (dunya) and 10 in the Hereafter (aakherat). The ten in this world are: 1) renouncing materialism (Sijill Article 90); 2) desire to seek knowledge (Sijill Article 91); 3) piety and scrupulosity (Sijill Article 92); 4) eagerness and desire for worship (Sijill Article 93); 5) sincere repentance (Sijill Article 94); 6) waking up in the night for tahajjud prayers (Sijill Article 95); 7) to put trust in God and not people (Sijill Article 96); 8) memorizing the Quran Majeed (Sijill Article 97); 9) aversion to this world (Sijill Article 98); and 10) generosity (Sijill Article 99). The ten virtues of the hereafter are described in the 100th Sijill Article above

You can read the eBok posted below or view the Text PDF also posted here.